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Top 10 Kansas Football Performances of 2009: #3

New player, same opponent for #3.  One of the unfortunate things about the season that just past is that many of the top Jayhawk performances were found against similar opponents.  Obviously if that wasn't the case Kansas might have won a few more games this year.  Regardless, checking in at #3 is the first performance by one of the most loved Jayhawks in recent memory...Todd Reesing.

Countdown Recap

So who is the opponent, take one guess...the Cyclones.  We've covered this game twice already and this type of performance from Todd, Dez and Kerry was almost expected to be the norm.  At the beginning of the season I would have expected to have a multitude of these types of performances to sift through and debate which was more important.  As it stands though, Iowa State was almost the final time all three would look in sync and certainly the last time for a while that Todd would seem himself.

Reesing's numbers on the day were staggering.  37 completions on 49 attempts for 442 yards throught the air.  4 touchdowns to just one interception and a score on the ground as well.  It was after this game when Mangino would make the infamous Heisman statement which seems to have jinxed it all.

In this game Reesing would connect to Meier twice, Briscoe twice and the Todd Reesing Fist pump was in full affect.  Todd's 442 yards would be a career high only surpassed late in the 2009 season. 

I'm sure everyone wishes this would have been the norm in 2009 but something just wasn't quite right.  We can speculate quite a bit knowing what we do now about the turmoil on the team but the fact remains Todd was a GREAT Jayhawk and deserves a giant Thank you from Kansas fans for his contributions.  Here's hoping his name goes up in Memorial Stadium soon. Does anyone know if Turner Gill is hiring?