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Top 10 Kansas Football Performances of 2009: #7

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At the number seven spot for this years countdown of top performances we go to our annual group award.  Every once in a while an entire unit steps up to the plate and makes an impact or controls a game in impressive fashion.

The group checking in at number seven didn't so much dominate the game but they did prevent one of the games most dominating players from doing so against the Jayhawks. 

Does the name Ndamukong Suh ring a bell.  Perhaps throw into the mix Jared Crick.  The Nebraska front four dominated opponents all year long, destroying running games, dropping quarterbacks and making some of the best offensive lines look like one of those giant paper signs that the high school kids run through in pregame. 

Not against Kansas though.  Against Kansas things were different.  Even though the Jayhawks lost, one group won their individual battle.  A Kansas offensive line comprised of Tanner Hawkinson, Sal Capra, Jeremiah Hatch, Jeff Spikes and Brad Thorson held Crick and Suh to a  combined 6 tackles.  4 unassisted and 2 assisted.  No sacks on the day for the pair and non of the tackles caused a major loss for the Hawks. Jeff Spikes and Jeremiah Hatch specifically deserve mention as the two handled Suh for most of the afternoon.  Suh...Heisman finalist...the guy Mel Kiper labeled the best prospect in his 32 years...did not touch Todd Reesing.  That's a good day, and a good thing. 

Sure some of it was the scheme, but nonetheless hats off to the o-line in this one.  They earned some praise and the #7 spot in this years Top 10.

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