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Recruiting Chatter: Jeremiah Edwards

In light of the fact that we are entering the stretch run of recruiting I wanted to introduce a new feature here and maybe it's not so much a feature but a new way for me to get some recruiting tidbits out to you all when a full story might not be in order. 

Recruiting chatter will be full of little nuggets or recaps of conversations with recruits.  Points of interest, notable quotes, and anything else that seems appropriate to throw out to the group.

Last night I spoke with Jeremiah Edwards about his recent official visit to Kansas and here are a few tidbits from what he had to say.

  • Edwards absolutely loved his Kansas visit, said it was really great to be in Lawrence and he "can't wait to move up to Kansas."
  • Edwards was hosted by Sal Capra on the visit and was very impressed by the Kansas fans at the basketball game.  He mentioned that he thought the Turner Gill introduction at halftime was definitely a high point.
  • In terms of his commitment he said he is 100% a Jayhawk and that all the other commits there are as well.  He said the group spent a lot of time together and he felt it was a great chance to get to know some of the guys coming in. 
  • Again he did say that James Sims remains a Jayhawk and that's great news as he was one of the recruits that many had speculated might be up in the air with Beaty's departure.
  • One non commit in Damon Williams was a guy that Edwards took particular interest in getting to know.  He said he was on him all weekend telling him he should come anchor the defensive line with him at Kansas.  He thinks Kansas has a GREAT shot with Williams and hopes he does become a Jayhawk.