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Kansas vs. Michigan Open Game Thread

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Is it me, or does this feel like a game with a little more excitment? I think maybe it's me. With the football coaching search resolved and the holidays upon us it feels like basketball season. The Wolverines come to town today to take on the Jayhawks. A test? Not so sure. The Jayhawks seem to be finding themselves a little bit but it still remains to be seen whether that will hold true as the competition level rises.

If you're new, and I know we've got some new folks, jump in today if you're around watching at home. An Open Game Thread or OGT as we affectionately call it, is basically a Rock Chalk Talk sports bar in a sense. Whoever's around, get's together...talks some basketball...talks Kansas sports and we might even talk things not so Kansas sport related. Regardless it's a chance to follow the game and talk about the game with some folks who have a common interest, that being Kansas.

The game is on ESPN so I'll spare everyone the link to the online feed. If anyone does need it, send me an email and I'll get it over to you or throw it up in the thread and we can post it.

As far as those "lurkers" still hiding in the shadows, jump in...we don't bite...well KG might. Seriously though, it's free, it's fun and it's a place to talk Kansas sports with other Jayhawks. Register Here.