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RCT Football League Playoff Preview

With the regular season complete so to are the RCT Football League Power Rankings and congrats to Bensa and the Power Converters for wrapping things up at the top.  Bad news though, those don't mean a whole lot come playoff time. 

Playoffs begin and there are three brackets depending on where your team finished in the grand scheme of 18.  The top championship bracket is made up of the 6 divisional winners who will now battle it out for RCT League supremacy. The second bracket is the consolation bracket and in this group we have the best record in the league that didn't win their divison.  In short we could have divisional rivals in this one depending on how competitive yours was.  Yep, that's division was bad ass and has 2 representatives in this one.

Last but certainly not least is the toilet bowl.  The bottom six teams record wise will go toe to toe to determine the master of SUCK.  Who's the best of the worst and get's to look down on the lowly worst of the worst. 

With the real NFL wrapping up in the next three weeks as well, I expect some upsets.  Players will rest, injuries will pile up and some teams like the Chiefs and the Rams might just cash in and head to the offseason.  Time to manage the matchups and make your run.

On to the preview.

Championship Bracket Preview
  1. The Tosche Station Power Conversters - Wrapped up with an 11-3 record, 2 games better than the next best in the league and a first round bye awaits.  Rest your players Bensa...or hope they don't rest.  The expectations are through the roof for this organization and anything less than a title game appearance will be looked at as failure(see what I did there, I set expectations for you...that sucks).
  2. Kansas Farm Boys - The farm boys get the nod as the two seed based on the tiebreaker with the 5.7's.  This team is good, they put up a lot of points...but I don't know if I'd count on anyone who has the Chiefs D on retainer.  Seems risky to me.
  3. The Fighting 5.7's - The 5.7's get the three seed and clearly feel resentment toward the farm boys.  After all the 5.7's are from the most epic division in league history.  Personally I look for a dominating run through the playoffs by the 5.7's and catching the Farm Boys and Drew Brees in week 16 helps a lot.  Just have to get past the Cutlers first.
  4. Slow Dancers - HELLO!!!! there anybody home.  Slow Dance, have you ever heard how sometimes athletes won't do the dirty dirty in preparation of key competition to keep there skills and mind sharp.  You and the lady friend might want to consider.  The four seed is a tough draw my friend.
  5. New York Chiefs - The defacto winner of his division Labba has new life.  A clean slat for the Chiefs and a chance to knock of Slow Dance in the first round.  Seems like a golden opportunity to regain your dignity after backing through the entire regular season and into the playoffs.
  6. Cry Baby Cutlers - The darkhorse of the group.  Can the team with the only losing record in the champions bracket make waves?  I'm rootin for ya.


Consolation Bracket

  1. Basketball School - Everyone's favorite furniture salesman and missing blogger is the #1 seed in the consolation division.  You weren't the best KC..but you were the best of the 2nd tier.  See you in the championship!!
  2. Percy - The smoke a thon is the 2 seed and I suppose I'll set a lineup for these guys to give token resistance to whoever get's to play them.  Of course if it's me...I might reconsider and grant myself a bye to destroy KC in the consolation title.
  3. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - A devistating season.  Losing the divisional crown in the final seconds of a Monday nighter.  A mascott who was fired from the gig for which my team was named.  What more could go wrong...nothing!!  Now I get a divisional rival for the first round and the chance to play the smoke a thon
  4. Reesing for Heisman - I have nothing to say here.  Reesing didn't win the Heisman, and I blame you.
  5. Baby Seal Clubbers - Pay up buddy!! Remember our little bet?  I'll refresh your memory.  If you beat KC and won the division I was going to stop hassling you for your team name and in fact support it with pictures and my own protest at the next local peta meeting where I would support the Seal Clubbers of the world.  If you lost however, the name changed to some long convoluted hippy tree hugging name.  Check last weeks power rankings, it's in there and you should go ahead and change it : )
  6. Beltway Mudslingers - Decent team but an 0-4 record in the toughest division sank him to the consolation after a season at the top.  Now another shot to actually beat someone from the division as the Fighting Mangino's are ready and waiting to beat the Turner Gill out of you this weekend.

Toilet Bowl

  1. KU Happy Hour 4 to 5 - The top seed somehow earning the tiebreaker over two other 6-8 teams, but who's complaining.  A chance at redemption for the Happy Hour a chance to be the best of the worst is at their fingertips.  Who could ask for anything more.
  2. KC Deadheads - The next casualty of not signing in...the deadheads are dead.
  3. The Devils Rejects - Third seed is a good spot to be in as the deadheads sit in the 2 spot and they have no leadership.  The Rejects are one of the higher scoring teams in the toilet bowl, but there's a reason you are here.  My guess is no consistency.  Good luck.
  4. North Champs - Damn Este, lost four in a row now eh?  About time for your luck to turn again I'd say.  Rattle off three in a row and you've salvaged something.
  5. Spontaneous Combustion - 3 wins and 11 losses.  A lot of bad luck this season and with the injuries I'm not seeing a turn around here.
  6. Dezmon's Tutors - Warden Warden Warden, the low seed in the worst bracket.  I'm working on a good analogy for how bad this is but I'm struggling....I guess I'll just say, How's KC's ass taste!!

Regular Season Awards

Top Overall Team - Tosche Station Power Converters(where did this name come from by the way)

Top QB Play - The Fighting Mangino's

Top RB Play - Tosche Station Power Converters

Top WR Play - New York Chiefs

Top TE Play - The Fighting 5.7's

Top Flex Position - Tosche Station Power Converters

Top Kicker - The Fighting Mangino's

Top Defense - Reesing for Heisman

Top Team Manager - Cry Baby Cutlers(overall 95.4% of optimum)

The Season Long Stinkel - Basketball School(81.3% of optimum)


So there you have it, enjoy the playoffs and we'll be back next week with a round one update from the RCT League Playoffs.