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Andrew Turzilli Visits with Coach Long

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Wednesday afternoon Andrew Turzilli received a visit from Chuck Long who was there to introduce himself and represent the new Kansas coaching staff to the current three star commit in New Jersey.  Turzilli was a relatively under the radar recruit for much of the process,committing to the Jayhawks some time ago while still under the old staff. 

Today was a chance for Turzilli to get familiar with the new staff as Coach Long covered quite a bit during his time with Andrew.  Asked how the visit went and what they talked about Turzilli said, "It went good we discussed everything from Turner Gill to official visits, signing day, housing and just what to expect with Kansas."  Turzilli went on to say that the visit definitely solidified his choice and truthfully he was never wavering to begin with.

In terms of Turzilli as a player, he stands 6'4" and weighs in around 190.  Turzilli describes himself as a "deep threat receiver and a red zone target."  In fact Turzelli said that Coach Long talked a little bit about the offense and how Andrew would fit in.  "He said they're going to run the spread much like Kansas did before but mix in the deep ball more along with play action passes.  He thought the changes would benefit me more." 

Andrew plans to visit Kansas the weekend of January 15th to take in a basketball game on his official visit.  At this point Coach Long said 4 of the 9 staff members were set and Coach Gill is busy out on the recruiting trail for the moment.  Once things settle down they'll wrap up the hiring of the remaining positional coaches.