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Turner Gill Press Conference Open Thread

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Good morning to all and happy "new beginnings" day for Kansas football.  We've spent the better part of the last 5 weeks wondering what the hell was going to happen with our program.  Coach in limbo, then no coach at all, and now we've come full circle to the official introduction of a new coach. 

Turner Gill will be announced and introduced in about an hour as the new Head Football Coach for the University of Kansas Jayhawks.  The presser will be streamed live by and here is your link for the festivities(Click on live events at the top for both a audio and video feed .)

Sounds like we'll have a few people around to chat about what Coach Gill has to say.  Will we find anything more out as it relates to coaches?  Any insight into what offensive or defensive philosophies we might see?  How he plans to mend the fences after a team clearly divided struggled this past season?  Most importantly, being that he was a Husker, I want to know what he see's in Kansas?  Not sure if any of those will get touched on or not, but I look forward to hearing what he has to say. 

Also feel free to use this thread as a forum to discuss other areas of concern, optimism or blatant homerism as it pertains to the hire.  Recruiting boost, personnel decisions, player moral, coaching changes, why Coach Gill?...throw it out there.  Also, everyone understand that opinions on this are going to vary.  It's ok to question the merits of the hire, that's part of being a fan....let's not bash someone just because they aren't dancing in the streets for this one.  Either side has merit at this point as long as you have valid reasons.  Feel free to argue your point, but keep this thing civil.  I would assume regardless of where you stand, everyone here wants the Jayhawks to succeed.