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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 13

Well last week was the week.  The week that finally put to bed much of the uncertainty surrounding division titles, playoff spots and spoiler scenarios.  All I have to say is WHAT A SEASON!!  It's been fun.  One week to go though and there are still two divisions to be decided with potentially epic final week games to decide them.

After that it's on to the playoffs.  There are three separate playoffs for some reason.  Not sure if I set it up that way or what.  There is the Championship Bracket, named as such for obvious reasons.  Next is the middle tier group playing for respect, the best of the guys that almost made it.  Finally we have the Toilet Bowl Championship, where the bottom six will battle for the title..."best of the worst." 

Before we get there however, here are your power rankings heading into the final week of the 2009 RCT Football League regular season.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - Bensa and the Power Converters are now two games ahead of anyone in the playoffs.  This team has won six straight and looks about as much a lock for the title as the Patriots of two years ago.  With the Packers D facing Jay Cutler this weekend I can only assume he'll tack another W onto the total and then it's onto the playoffs and finding a way to keep his guys playing hard for three more weeks.
  2. Fighting 5.7s - The 5.7's won an epic defacto playoff game against the Fighting Mangino's in week 13, clinching the division, clinching a playoff spot and bringing to an official close the Mangino era in RCT Fantasy Football.
  3. Kansas Farm Boys - The Farm Boys don't quite have this thing locked up yet as they play Reesing for Heisman for the title this week.  The Farm Boys are winners of three straight and playing hot at the right time.  A win and their in, a loss and this thing comes down to some obscure tiebreaker that might not be in favor of the Farmers from Kansas. 
  4. New York Chiefs - The Chiefs story is well documented.  Fail to beat an ownerless team, fails to win enough to overtake the ownerless team in the overall standings.  League bailout received salvaging the season, catapulting to the playoffs and a second shot at destiny.  Labba has now been a part of one government bailout and one RCT bailout.  Don't disappoint Labba. 
  5. Slow Dancers - Slow Dance has been in the playoffs all year but the Baby Seal Clubbers have been chasing.  This week it's time to find out who's the more fearsome opponent.  A guy named after a slow dance at a prom, or the mascot of a Canadian with a club killing a seal.  I think Slow Dances time at the top may run out.  For now though, number five in the power rankings.
  6. Cry Baby Cutler's - 6-7 overall in the league but a playoff spot clinched?  The Cutlers are the Arizona Cardinals of last year so I guess that means we should pencil them in for the championship game despite coming from a horrible division and having a horrible record.
  7. Basketball School!!! - Despite his best efforts, KC isn't going to win this fantasy pool.  Too much time spent pushing furniture and not enough time spent focusing on more important matters like fantasy football.  Maybe next year KC.  Also if Kansas hires Jim Harbaugh or Tommy Tubberville...will you admit that we at least have an outside shot at being something other than just a basketball school.
  8. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - The Mangino's couldn't muster a last second victory over the 5.7's this past week and with that the team will likely be making a move in the offseason as the Mangino Era is over.  The name is still up in the air at this point but after a disappointing 2009 the Fighting Mangino's will go the way of the LA Rams or the Houston Oilers and find a new home and a new identity before coming back stronger than ever in 2010.
  9. Reesing for Heisman - Now these guys are still in the mix for a playoff spot.  A win this weekend and Reesing is in, a loss and they'll join their namesake in the consolation pool of sports after a bit of a letdown this season. 
  10. Baby Seal Clubbers - The Seal Clubbers...what to say, what to say?  I'll make a wager with you.  Beat Slow Dance and I'll let it die, maybe even a special shout out to all the seal clubbers in the world.  Lose and you become the Peta Tree Hugging Whale Saving Hippies for the 2010 season!!  Deal?
  11. Beltway Mudslingers - The Mudslingers fell hard and they fell fast. Joe Flacco slowed, and the hopes were dashed. Ultimately an 0-3 division record to date would have been a lot to overcome, better luck next year Mudslingers...this was always one of my favorite team names.
  12. New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 - The first entrant into the toilet bowl, the top seed if you will.  Happy Hour 4 to 5 wasn't very successful.  Funny neither was the Kansas 4-2-5 defense.  I'm sensing a pattern here.  Reesing for Heisman, Fighting Mangino's and Happy Hour 4 to 5 all had names taken from the 2009 Kansas Jayhawks.  All, minus Reesing so far...have failed miserably.  Can we please start over.
  13. The Devil's Rejects - The Rejects finished out 5-8 in a tough division.  After some realignment it looks a little worse than it was but these guys originally played with both the Power Converters and Basketball School, that's a tough group to come out on top with.
  14. NorthChamps09 - This team is about as streaky as a pair of KC's underwear.  The North Champs started off terribly, came back like a lion and are now going out like a lamb.  Better luck next year Este, for a minute there I thought you were going to win the RCT ESPY for comeback of the year.
  15. Spontaneous Combustion - Tough year, riddled by injury and inconsistent youth.  Thanks for playing, better luck in next seasons draft.
  16. Dezmon's Tutors - Warden eeks out one last win in week 13.  Not much else to say here.  I tried to take a few jabs at KC for you throughout so I hope that at least brightens your day.
  17. KC DeadHeads - See ya later, it's been fun.  The Deadheads appear to be shopping for new ownership if anyone has a friend next year who'd like to join.
  18. Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon - The Smoke a Thon is actually a very good team.  I'm sure ol Gingerballs just got a little too busy and forgot.  Short term memory loss can become an issue when a smoke a thon ensues. 


Weekly Results

Week 13 Tue 12/1-Mon 12/7

Team Points
Denver's Fighting Mangino's (7-6) 109.25
Fighting 5.7s (8-5) 113.2
Division Game Fighting... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Beltway Mudslingers (7-6) 73.55
KC DeadHeads (5-8) 63.05
Non-Division Game Beltway ... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Cry Baby Cutler's (6-7) 106.4
Dezmon's Tutors (3-10) 133.5
Division Game Series is tied 1-1 Box Score
Basketball School!!! (8-5) 104.4
The Devil's Rejects (5-8) 86.2
Non-Division Game Basketba... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Tosche Station Power Converters (10-3) 141.45
Slow Dancers (7-6) 94.45
Non-Division Game Tosche S... leads series 1-0 Box Score


Team Points
NorthChamps09 (5-8) 89.3
Baby Seal Clubbers (7-6) 95.6
Division Game Baby Sea... leads series 2-0 Box Score
Spontaneous Combustion (3-10) 68.55
Kansas Farm Boys (8-5) 111.25
Non-Division Game Kansas F... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Reesing for Heisman (7-6) 103.45
New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 (5-8) 95.7
Division Game Reesing ... leads series 2-0 Box Score
New York Chiefs (7-6) 86.55
Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon (9-4) 89.95
Non-Division Game Series is tied 1-1 Box Score
Top Scores
Tosche Stat... 141.45
Dezmon's Tu... 133.5
Fighting 5.7s 113.2
Kansas Farm... 111.25
Denver's Fi... 109.25
Cry Baby Cu... 106.4
Basketball ... 104.4
Reesing for... 103.45
New KU happ... 95.7
Baby Seal C... 95.6
Slow Dancers 94.45
Percy Harvi... 89.95
NorthChamps09 89.3
New York Ch... 86.55
The Devil's... 86.2
Beltway Mud... 73.55
Spontaneous... 68.55
KC DeadHeads 63.05


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - No contest this one goes to the battle for a playoff spot between Fighting Mangino's and the 5.7's.  Ultimately this one came down to Monday night and the Packers failing to punch one in late and having to settle for a field goal.  Truly a last second stop for the 5.7's

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) - The 5.7's needed all 100% to win this week and Dezmon's Tutors and Warden did his best to play spoiler also posting a solid coaching outing in week 13.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - The Smoke a Thon with an 81% coaching percentage finishes with the Stinkel. 

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) The juggernaut that is the Power Converters wins this one.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  No big suprise here, it's the Deadheads.