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It's Ova!!!!

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History awaits? Perhaps the most embarrassing marketing campaign in history if that's what they meant.  The Kansas Jayhawks have officially hit the bottom.  Champ to chump and only really champs in our own minds.  Zero to hero, supposed to be first to now worst and to make matters even worse Bill Snyder is in the beginning stages of the second greatest rebuilding effort in the history of college football.  He already has the first you know.

Nebraska at home, Texas in Austin and Missouri at Arrowhead.  Kansas hasn't won a game as difficult as any of those three all year and sitting now at 5-4 it's a very high probability that the season ends in November this year.

Is it coaching? Is it the players? What the hell happened to make the wheels fall of this thing so horribly.  I'm not naive enough to sit here and say that we were so talented this should have never happened.  Kansas' expectations this year were based upon an improved talent level in the program, the perception that we had a solid coaching staff and a drop off in the rest of the North.

Instead the Jayhawks have a coaching staff that isn't getting it done.  Players are pressing, unmotivated and getting beat man on man by the worst in the conference which is apparently where we no belong.  Worse yet is the players that have given this program everything and certainly brought Kansas up over the past two seasons look to be lost out there.  Todd Reesing once again puts the defense in horrible positions twice in this one.  He's done a lot for the program and it stings to see it end this way but it's looking bleak. 

Tip of the cap to Kansas State, they aren't the most talented bunch but they put a hat on a hat and played football for four quarters executing their gameplan the way they wanted to and came away with a win.  The best we can hope for is another Bill Snyder resignation followed by a Ron Prince hiring or we might see a return to some pretty bad days in the Sunflower Showdown.

It's time to reevaluate where this thing is headed.  Is the right talent playing, are the players competing every day in practice for their spots, are we preparing every day to be the best?  Are we working in the offseason the way we have in years past and lastly where are we missing so badly on this teams chemistry both from a players standpoint and yes the coaches. 

Obviously I'm not out there every day putting forth the effort so my tendency is to give those that are the benefit of the doubt because certainly no one wants to lose.  I will continue to do so and I will always cheer for the Jayhawks, but there are no more silver linings or moral victories this has simply been a disappointment.  It's going to take a phenomenal end to change that, but today it doesn't seem like a very real option.