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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 8

"Judgment Week" turned to "Nevermind Week" in RCT Football as the bye weeks are beginning to test every GM's roster creativity. 

With so many teams heading into the week at the 5-2, 4-3 mark several big games appeared to present an opportunity to jump ahead in the standings a put some actual cushion between the leagues elite, the contenders and the pretenders.  That however was not the case.  What we have after week 8 is an even more jumbled mess top to bottom where only two teams in the entire league sits more than one game out of playoff contention.

Read that again.  Just over half way through the regular season and ONLY TWO TEAMS are more than a game out of a playoff spot.  Fact of the matter is of those two teams only one of them is more than 2 games back.  This 18 man battle royal has turned into a let your nuts hang standoff of football wizardry.  Who knew this was going to turn out so well?

Without further ado on to this weeks Power Rankings.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - After two losses in a row Bensa and the power converters get back on track against yours truly.  Monday night the Saints defense grabbed a late pick which appeared to put me over the top by tenths of a point, but an overnight adjustment give Bensa a narrow win and a bounce back to the top of the standing.  That's just the way Bensa rolls though with an overall points for vs. points against margin of just +1.1.  How is that even possible?
  2. Kansas Farm Boys - Farm Boys drop from the top spot after a tough blowout loss this week.  A big loss in Owen Daniels out for the year with a blown ACL and a bye week for New England is never good when you rely on Patriot Points to fuel your roster. 
  3. Slow Dancers - MIA in life, but still on track in the fantasy world.  Slow Dance took an L this week and was just another in a long list of examples of teams that really could have separated themselves with a win.  QB troubles really beginning to plague the Cincy Smoocher.  If you aren't sure what I mean by that I recommend you check out a recently tagged photo of our fearless leader on facebook.  Looks like Halloween led to some slow dancing and happy smooching.  No wonder the guys been absent, he's enjoying all the perks that college has to offer.
  4. Beltway Mudslingers - Slingers drop one and keep me in the hunt fortunately.  Bye weeks were a big blow for Beltway as Hines Ward sat and no one was available to fill in for an injured Mario Manningham.  This is still a good team, but it's looking more and more like they'll go as far as the Ravens QB and defense can carry them.  Two areas that have had their ups and downs this year.
  5. Reesing for Heisman - A loss keeps Reesing in 2nd place for his division but whoever does come out of this one between Reesing, the Farm Boys or even KU happy hour is going to be tricky.  They can score some points, but Reesing for Heisman unfortunately took a cue from it's namesake and found a very off week leads to another loss.
  6. Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon - What can I say...this guy has held his divisions playoff spot almost the whole season.  They win ball games, they hit the bong and they win some more.  Solid work Percy, just try and stay motivated.
  7. Basketball School!!! - KC's just barely on the outside looking in and if I were Bensa, I'd be worried that the most prolific fantasy player in RCT history is nipping at my heels. 
  8. New York Chiefs - Labba has climbed his way back into the mix.  A well managed team and an inspired effort by Brett Farve in Green Bay shows how dangerous this group might be down the stretch.  A potential falloff of Farve and a Cardinals D that is fragile are possibly the biggest things Dwight will need to look out for down the stretch.
  9. Baby Seal Clubbers - The Clubbers are fading, is karma catching up with these haters of baby seals?  I don't think so, it was a narrow loss and that was with a team torn apart by a Pittsburgh bye week.  I have to say though, I know TO hasn't done much this year...but you can't bench the guy, he'll rip your team apart for that.
  10. New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 - 2 wins in a row and despite being in third in his division it's a very winnable one and Happy Hour is getting some solid production from some surprise areas.
  11. Fighting 5.7s - 2nd place in another brutal division but what sets this team apart is the top record in head to head matches against divisional foes.  Almost squeeked out a win this week despite sitting Carson Palmer and Santonio Holmes due to a bye. 
  12. KC DeadHeads - Allright Deadheads, I'm sure you were wondering where you would end up and today the worst playoff team sitting at 3-5 checks in the power rankings at #12.  This division is a disaster and you are the best of it.
  13. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - I finally pulled out of the bottom third only to find my way right back in the shit after a narrow loss.  I'm considering contesting the loss with Ed Hokuli but the required arm wrestling match to have things overturned is a bit intimidating.  Just ask Norv Turner, he failed last year and it nearly cost him the playoffs.
  14. The Devil's Rejects - The rejects sit in last in one of the toughest divisions out there.  They probably deserve more kudos than this but after Roy Williams decided to open his big mouth in Dallas this week, I'm pretty sure Tony Romo is going to revert back to Fat Jessica and lose his mojo again. 
  15. Cry Baby Cutler's - Just behind the deadheads in the Norris division as Chris Berman would call it.  The Cutler's have some past fantasy football legends though so if things ever get back on track they could easily run away with this division in the second half of the season.
  16. NorthChamps09 - Este, not only are you out of the cellar but you are no longer included in the tie for worst record in the league.  My guess is Bud Light will be saluting you in the near future Mr. Fantasy Football Team Resurector.  You are the Bill Parcells of Fantasy Football...Taking teams cast aside by the rest of the industrialized world and turning them into contenders over night.  You laugh when they say your team is talentless and might not win a game.  You simply say, "I like a good challenge."  We salute you Mr. Fantasy Football Team Resurector....Anheiser Busch St. Louis Missouri.
  17. Spontaneous Combustion - Losers of three straight confidence is hurting right now.  This week spontaneous dropped a critical battle for cellar dwelling domination with Este.  Truth be told, Spontaneous might be the only guy in the whole league right now struggling to rationalize a scenario where he could make the playoffs.  Keep fighting soldier, keep fightin!!
  18. Dezmon's Tutors - The tutors?  What happened to you?  Serves you right I suppose for mocking a Jayhawk with your name.  It's ok Warden, you know why?  Because you are still only a game back from first place in your division.  You know why else?  Because KC got a real job and can't spend countless hours on here badgering your performance in the fantasy world.  These are all good things.


Weekly Results

Week 8 Tue 10/27-Mon 11/2

Team Points
Tosche Station Power Converters (5-3) 95.5
Denver's Fighting Mangino's (4-4) 93.35
Non-Division Game Tosche S... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Cry Baby Cutler's (3-5) 123.65
Kansas Farm Boys (5-3) 79.8
Non-Division Game Cry Baby... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Basketball School!!! (5-3) 92.3
Fighting 5.7s (4-4) 87.8
Non-Division Game Basketba... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Slow Dancers (5-3) 76
New York Chiefs (4-4) 87.5
Non-Division Game New York... leads series 1-0 Box Score
New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 (4-4) 89.45
Dezmon's Tutors (2-6) 85
Non-Division Game New KU h... leads series 1-0 Box Score


The Devil's Rejects (4-4) 98.5
Beltway Mudslingers (5-3) 67.75
Non-Division Game The Devi... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon (5-3) 92.85
Baby Seal Clubbers (4-4) 89.75
Non-Division Game Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon">Percy Ha... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Spontaneous Combustion (2-6) 86.15
NorthChamps09 (3-5) 98.8
Non-Division Game NorthCha... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Reesing for Heisman (5-3) 70.05
KC DeadHeads (3-5) 122.8
Non-Division Game KC DeadH... leads series 1-0 Box Score


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week -Power Converters vs. The Mangino's - I'm going to give the nod for this one to myself and Bensa this week.  This was a heated battle with Bensa making some errors but overcoming with a monster performance from Chris Johnson who eclipsed 200 yards and 2 TD's on the ground.  A horrible officiating decision after play had completed ultimately did in the Fighting Mangino's though in their quest to defeat the top team in the league.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) -Three teams check in this week with 100% game coaching performances as the Devils Rejects, Kansas Farm Boys and Basketball School all made the most of what they had on the field this week.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Labba you won, but at 81% you also win the Stinkel.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) -Should I rename this award? Hats of to the Cry Baby Cutlers for taking the Reesing this week with 123.65pts

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  The mudslinger might be atop their division but performances like this weeks dismal 67.75 won't keep him their long.  You might want to check with Jim Tressel and see how to better utilize your talent on the field.