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Kansas vs. Kansas St. Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Kansas State?

This feature is beginning to feel like a broken record.  Kansas' offense has become nonexistent and I'm not sure Robert Stack and John Walch combined have the ability to find it.  Still, I just can't fathom that this thing won't eventually get fixed.  They'll be changes on the offensive line and likely in a few other spots this week for the Jayhawks, Todd hit rock bottom in Lubbock and it seems there is only one way to go and that's up.  Eliminate the early mistakes, get some confidence and let's get back to the business of scoring touchdowns.



I'm going push here because if K-State stuffs the run which they are capable of doing, then once again the Jayhawks are stuck trying to let a passing game with zero confidence carry the team against a Kansas State team that is gaining confidence on a weekly basis.




KU Offense vs. K-State Defense




Statistically K-State isn't great but they aren't bad either. It's tough to get a great read though because K-State has allowed some pretty big yardage against teams that run a similar pass heavy spread. Oklahoma put up 458 yards of total offense and Tech with a total of 739.  Difference here might be those two teams were also effective in the running game.  If Kansas State keeps the Kansas running game on the backburner it can could cause some problems for Kansas

This is an improving unit for the Jayhawks.  After hitting rock bottom against Iowa State the players have responded to the challenge and the competition is pretty intense for playing time.  Kansas held both of their last opponents in Oklahoma and Texas Tech well below their seasonal averages and will need a similar effort against the Wildcats.  Stop the run, force a turnover and Kansas can win this matchup.


I give Kansas the edge here based on the effort in the last two games against pretty solid offensive units.  In either game if the offense had given any support and not turned the ball over so often the defense likely would have looked even better.  This is a close call though, because K-State impressed me with their effort and execution in Norman.












KU Defense vs. K-State Offense








Daniel Thomas is the real deal and last week against Oklahoma the Wildcats played a disciplined brand of football offensively.  Still they aren't particularly explosive.  If they can get the running game going again though and loosen up the Kansas defense there is no telling when the floodgates might open.  I'll tell you one thing, this offense won't lay down like the Ron Prince teams did.

Well we learned that our kicker apparently doesn't even know how to onside or squib, our punt return game is typically good for negative yardage and our kick return might get us to the 25 if we're lucky.  I guess that means Alonso Rojas is the lone bright spot.  Put DJ Beshears back there and let that guy have a shot at things.  Also it's time to send a message to the guys on special teams that anything less than your best will quickly move you to the end of the bench. Kansas has a long way to go on special teams.








Special Teams


Not even close, Kansas State with the edge here and it's a dangerous possibly gamechanging scenario.  Don't kick it to Banks please, of course that's assuming Branstetter can kick in a specific direction.

Special teams is Bill Snyders specialty isn't it?  Brandon Banks is a stud, they block kicks and they play this area with a sense of urgency.   Keep doing that and this is almost a gimme for the Wildcats.

Right now the Head Caoch and the Offensive Coordinator at Kansas have a lot to prove.  They've done it in the past but something isn't working right now so it's back time to prove it again.  Also, I think Labba needs to refocus some of his attention on hating the special teams coach as well.  Fix it.















Old Balls still has it.  It's still uncertain what the long term results will be of the second coming but one thing is for certain they're going to field a team that plays hard every week.

Bill Snyder has overachieved with what looked to be a disaster of a team left behind in the wake of the Ron Prince experiment.  His teams are focused, fundamental and they play hard from start to finish.  I'm a believer again, Kansas State will have a good gameplan and execute it.  The Kansas staff better find a way to do the same or it's going to be trouble.


Eight weeks ago this one looked laughable.  Kansas State appeared to have so many holes and Kansas seemed unstoppable offensively.  Of course all this was before the first kickoff.  Since then Kansas has regressed, K-State has improved and even though I still believe that Kansas has a talent advantage in this one, the outcome isn't so certain.

5-3 at the 8 game mark.  Exactly where we sat last year before pummeling the Wildcats and regaining some confidence.  Can the Jayhawks do it again?  Will the changes offensively solve the problems? and can Mark Mangino find a way to use the frustration of the season to fuel some sort of us against the world mentality.  This team has a lot to prove right now.  There aren't a whole lot of people out there worried about playing Kansas.  Anyone on this team care to make them wish they had?