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Happy Turkey Day!!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all the RCTers out there.  Enjoy your day with family, friends and fellow Jayhawks alike.  It may be a small and trivial part in the grand scheme of things but I'm always thankful that I'm a Jayhawk and grateful for the highs and lows that Jayhawk sports have given me over the years.


Whether it's a Mark Randall running hook in the lane, Jacque Vaughn coast to coast before the other team even knows they've scored, Nick Collison exploding against Texas, a Todd Reesing fist pump, a Dezmon Briscoe or Kerry Meier touchdown, A Mario Chalmers three...all those things have been a big part of what I'm most thankful for in sports. 


I follow all sports...the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Olympics, you name it I'll watch it.  However, there is only one that gives me chills and that's my Jayhawks.  I LOVE the Jayhawks.  Rock Chalk  and here's a health to all of you who're glad that you're a-living, and may you see much cause for which To celebrate Thanksgiving.