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Kansas vs. Missouri Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Missouri?
Kansas looked better against the Longhorns offensively than they have in some time.  The problem is, it still left something to be desired and that's points on the scoreboard.  The good news is the Tigers aren't the Longhorns.  Just like they did against the Longhorns though, the Jayhawks can move the ball if they are patient.  Take what the defense gives you, take chances when the time is right and use every receiver on the field.  It's a must in Arrowhead.


The Kansas Offense has the weapons and seemed to be getting back some of the balance that made them dangerous.  This week I think they put enough of it together to take advantage of a so-so Missouri defense.



KU Offense vs. Missouri Defense


The Tigers are very good against the run.  Make Kansas one dimensional, send the ends and create pressure on Reesing.  Do those things and Kansas has shown it will struggle.

Kansas' defense looked lost at times against the Longhorns but then again who hasn't.  If the Kansas defense wants to look better against Missouri they are going to have to avoid allowing the big play as they have been back breakers for confidence and momentum lately. The potential loss of Lubbock Smith is a big blow, but perhaps Darrell Stuckey might channel one more turnover making machine of a game ala 2008. 













KU Defense vs. Missouri Offense


They may not be great at running the ball but you don't have to be against Kansas.  The passing game has been open all year.


Missouri hasn't had the running game one would have expected going into the year but if they can at least show a commitment to the run it will make Blaine Gabbert very dangerous.  Unlike Grant Gregory, Zack Lee and Tyler Hanson, Gabbert can make every throw on the football field.  That's a scary premise considering the other three quarterbacks already beaten the Jayhawks.

What happened?  Against one of the better special teams units in the land the Jayhawks came to life.  Dezmon Brisoce returning one for a touchdown, Daymond Patterson getting off a punt return for positive yardage.  Truly a shock.  With this having the potential to be Briscoes last game in the  Crimson and Blue, keep him back there and like last year he might just supply the spark the Jayhawks need. 








Special Teams


Missouri is another team that's good but not great in terms of special teams.  They can however win this battle just as easily as Kansas.  Keep Briscoe under wraps and capitalize on an abysmal kickoff team for the Jayhawks and therein lies the biggest area the Tigers can capitalize and swing the momentum.

Not sure what to say here.  If the stories are true and the players hate Coach Mangino then they would be winning  in spite of him.  If they aren't true and Coach Mangino get's a chance to use this as motivation we might see why we're going to miss the guy.








Right now this is just a more certain entity.  Kansas has too much going on right now to declare this an area of strength headed into the final game.

Pinkel and company have had an inconsistent team at times this year.  Breaking in a few new coordinators and a plethora of youth has meant some growing pains.  Still a good coach and even though Jason Whit(less)lock declared Mangino better, this week he might just have an advantage.


Kansas v Missouri in the Border War.  There was a time when this looked to be the potential Big 12 North decider.  All that has dramatically changed and Kansas needs a win just to get a bowl game and try to make something positive happen during a mess of a season on and off the field. 

It'd be a very nice thing to make the headlines about the play on the field once again and the Jayhawks have a golden opportunity to do so if they can pull together, beat their rival and qualify for a bowl game.  Kansas has a lot of obstacles to overcome, but regardless of where they side on the Mangino front it's time to realize it's not about him, it's about them and what's still left on the table this year.