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Kansas v Texas Open Game Thread


Finally, back to the business of playing football. A homecoming of sorts for many Jayhawks and likely the team they grew up cheering for is the team that will be on the other sideline tonight.

Kansas has made a living off recruiting talent that Texas didn't want and developing those kids into solid Big 12 players and some have gone on to NFL careers. Perhaps tonight in the spotlight of Austin Texas this current group of Jayhawks can give the Horns a little hell and try and shock the world.

The distractions are well documented, the week that was certainly presented a ton of challenges. How do these players respond? Put the distractions aside, play like men and do the job with dignity. If you don't win, that's fine. I just hate to see an embarrassment. Rock Chalk and I'm not sure If I'll be here tonight or not, but as always that doesn't mean you shouldn't be.

Lastly, if you haven't registered and jumped in on a Rock Chalk Talk Open Game Thread(OGT), what are you waiting for...Register here and let's talk some Jayhawk football.