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Kansas vs.Texas Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Texas?
Was it better last week?  I'm inclined to say yes, but it's still way off of any offense that is going to put up big numbers against the Longhorns.  Texas boasts the best defense in the country.  For Kansas to win this matchup based on the current state of the offense it's going to take an incredible turnaround.  My biggest hope is that since there is really nothing to lose at this point, maybe our players start playing that way and loosen up. 






KU Offense vs. Texas Defense



This was never a game circled as winnable on the KU Calendar but I sure thought I had a chance to see Todd put up some numbers and push the Texas D.  No longer the case.

The Longhorns are top notch against the run, have some seriously dangerous pass rushers and in general field a top notch defense with athletes all over the field.

The Kansas defense took a small step backwards last week giving a Husker offense that has limped all season a new life.  This week it'll take a much stronger effort across the board to compete with the athletes Texas is going to put on the field.  Best advice, keep the ball out of their hands and the Kansas defense might be able to compete in small bursts.  See: Colorado v Texas 1st half.













KU Defense vs. Texas Offense



Texas returned a Heisman finalist QB and his WR target who in case you missed it likes to fish.  They both do...Saturday could be a big day for the pair

Colt McCoy, Jordan Shipley...the only reason this offense doesn't look even better on paper is they've spent chunks of the season on the bench with huge leads.  Keep it balanced and the Longhorns shouldn't have any trouble beating up on the Kansas D.

I thought Branstetter couldn't pooch kick?  Looked like he did against the Corn.  That backfired didn't it?  Seriously this area needs to be addressed in the offseason first and foremost.  This area made all the difference in '07 and has gone dormant since.  Oh, except Alonso Rojas.








Special Teams


By a landslide...

Watch out...Texas might very easily return a kick or two in this one.  Texas is borderline great on special teams.  Not an optimistic view in this matchup.

What happened?  Anybody else find it incredibly easy to key on the reciever in motion who made no effort to hide his intentions of crashing the edge on the sweep that the Corn kept running last week?  Coaching...well, we're having this discussion elsewhere in a fanpost so I'll defer to that.








Mack Brown has won a National Title and he's in a great position to play for another.  Hard to argue with success and the Longhorn staff certainly has that.


Well I have to admit it's been a fun early week on here.  Not for the reasons I hoped necessarily but it's good to see all the fanposts, fanshots and discussion going on.  I'm not so sure this weeks breakdown is going to set off much discussion so please, by all means...keep your thoughts coming with the fanposts etc. and the good news is that Saturday we get to watch a game with no expectations, no urgency and at this point nothing to lose.