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Kansas v Nebraska Senior Day Open Game Thread


Time to make the best of what's left this season. If you can't win the North you might as well go down swinging. Give a few teams hell on the way out and certainly do everything in your power to leave Lawrence for the final time a winner. This won't be an easy task, the Huskers have a formidable defense and right now Kansas is fragile in a lot of areas.

I myself have made the voyage to Lawrence Kansas to witness this one. When I booked the flight this was going to be a matchup to potentially determine the North. Now I'm just happy I get a chance to send off Todd, Kerry, Darrell, Jake, maybe Dezmon and all the other Seniors that have been a part of one of the more successful runs of Kansas football. Maybe "history" wasn't quite ready, but they've still been a lot of fun to watch the last few years. If you aren't in Lawrence join us here to talk Jayhawk football and watch the game.

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