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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 9

5 weeks to go.  Finally we have a little bit of separation in some of the divisions but still very few teams out of this as we enter the home stretch of the regular season.

Special mention to Este who is riding a furious rally from the basement of the power rankings and is a mere one game back.

Also an epic matchup this past week between the Power Converters and the Farm Boys in a game that had major implications in the power rankings and playoff positioning.

Apologies this isn't one of my better efforts, but I'm getting on a plane this morning and flying back to see the Jayhawks v the Corn.  Nonetheless enjoy your Week 9 Power rankings

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - #1 squared of against #2 this week and the Power Converters emerged the victor.  No surpsise they remain on top the power rankings, but wow are there a lot of challengers waiting to take the spot if they should slip up.
  2. Reesing for Heisman - Reesing rides a victory and a Farm Boys loss into the #2 spot as well as first place in a tight divisional battle.
  3. Beltway Mudslingers - The Mudslingers get a big win over last weeks number three in Slow Dance.  Still that 0-2 divisional record is waiting in the wings and could be a major Achilles heel late in the season.
  4. Basketball School!!! - 2nd place in his division right behind the Power Converters.  KC is hot at the moment with a big game this week against Reesing for Heisman in a solid week 10 matchup.
  5. Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon - The smoke a thon is an unmotivated group failing to login for over 2 months now, yet they keep winning.  Labba and his Chiefs might just be the beneficiary of a late sesaon drug test and banning of the Smoke a Thon from the playoffs.
  6. Slow Dancers - Seems like Slow Dance has been somewhere in the mix all season but his playoff spot is in danger as his division holds one of the hottest teams in all of football who has come back from the cellar to one game back from a playoff spot. 
  7. Kansas Farm Boys - The Farm boys loss drops them out of the playoffs and 5 spots in the power rankings.  That's right this is about as impulsive as a Lee Corso led gameday pick 'em on Saturday morning.  You suck.  You're bad ass.  This week the Farm Boys fall, but with this weeks matchups they have a good chance to bounce into the mix again next week.
  8. New York Chiefs - Winners of two straight and looking to leave nothing to chance.  Another favorable matchup this week.  Might the Chiefs finally overtake the hibernating Smoke a Thon?
  9. Fighting 5.7s - A 2-0 divisional record but still a game back.  The fighting 5.7's are well positioned for a late season move, but it's time to make it happen or a late season win over the Mudslingers might be a must.
  10. NorthChamps09 - The HOTTEST team in RCT Football League is ESTE and the NorthChamps.  Might we see a furious rally from our own team that began the season with the same hopes?  Este has won three in a row and is only a game back of a playoff spot today.  Not bad considering the 0-5 or something start.
  11. KC DeadHeads - The deadheads are the other team that continues winning despite a coaching staff that has abandoned their team. Although in this division it makes a little more sense as it only takes 4 wins and a pretty comanding lead is there to be had. 
  12. The Devil's Rejects - Rejects lose a tough one to a top team and fall two games out in a VERY tough division.  5 weeks left, it'll be a fight to get back in this one.  Not impossible in the least though.
  13. New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 - Last week it was Basketball School, this week the Power Converters.  Scheduling isn't doing this team any favors.  Combine that with a division that has had the #2 team in the power rankings the last two weeks and it's an uphill battle in this one.
  14. Baby Seal Clubbers - That's right...Karma has caught up with the Seal Clubbers.  far from out of things though as this division is largely comprised of mediocrity. 
  15. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - After briefly climbing the Mangino's are falling.  The running back position has fallen apart for the Mangino's as has the season.  This sounds all too familiar.
  16. Cry Baby Cutler's - The Cutler's sit 3-6 but are still very much alive for a playoff spot.  In fact like Labba they would currently benefit from a late season rule change that might prohibit inactive teams from the playoffs.  So despite coming in at 16 in the power rankings they are very much alive in the playoff hunt.
  17. Spontaneous Combustion - Losers of four straight, this is a group of players that just haven't lived up to potential.
  18. Dezmon's Tutors - Warden warden just make things to easy for KC.


Weekly Results


Week 10 Tue 11/10-Mon 11/16

Team Projected Points
Denver's Fighting Mangino's (4-5) 100.25 0
Baby Seal Clubbers (4-5) 99.3 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Beltway Mudslingers (6-3) 124.3 0
NorthChamps09 (4-5) 115.15 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Fighting 5.7s (5-4) 118.8 0
Slow Dancers (5-4) 109.25 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Basketball School!!! (6-3) 95 0
Reesing for Heisman (6-3) 97.3 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Tosche Station Power Converters (6-3) 118.65 0
New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 (4-5) 96.5 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
The Devil's Rejects (4-5) 112.4                   
Kansas Farm Boys (5-4) 102 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon (6-3) 114.45 0
Dezmon's Tutors (2-7) 50.9 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
Spontaneous Combustion (2-7) 57.3 0
Cry Baby Cutler's (3-6) 124.6 0
Non-Division Game Box Score
New York Chiefs (5-4) 94.6 0
KC DeadHeads (4-5) 93.9 0
Non-Division Game Box Score


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - No Brainer, this goes to the Power Converters v The Farm Boys.  #1 v #2 facing off in what was ultimately undecided until a 20 pt Monday night output courtesy a couple of Denver Broncos.  That's the way this one should have been.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) - The Rejects and The Chiefs check in with 100% coaching performances in this weeks two best coaching jobs.  Do I need to rename this award?

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  -Dezmon's Tutors had a passing grade, but it was a C- at 72%...good thing they have a little extra help in the classroom to stay eligible.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week)- The Fighting 5.7's show why they are still a team to look out for totalling 124.2 points.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -  Once again it's the Tutors with only 72.35 points.  Honestly they almost won.