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Kansas vs. Nebraska Matchup Breakdown

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Nebraska?

My only hope is this is the bottom.  Any semblance of the 2007 offensive juggernaut is gone.  Confidence appears to be a problem from the playcalling down to the execution.  Kansas faces it's toughest defensive test against the Corn.  Only way I see Kansas winning this matchup is if they move the pocket, take what the defense gives them in the passing game and use that to create some sort of running game to go with it.  It doesn't have to be explosive but take care of the ball and score three times.  It might just win it.






KU Offense vs. Nebraska Defense



Never thought I'd see the day.  The Kansas offense will need to pull a complete turnaround on senior day if they want to beat this Husker D

Suh, Crick and the rest of the Husker D are pretty imposing.  The way Kansas has taken care of the ball lately there's a good opportunity for the Corn to create problems, force mistakes and maybe even punch in a defensive score or two to win this thing.  Make no mistake Kansas has no answer for the Husker front four.

The weakness against the run last week was concerning but the defensive effort is still much improved.  It's beginning to sound redundent but this defense has put together solid minutes for most of the game the past few weeks.  Offensive breakdowns and turnovers are hanging them out to dry.  With the Husker problems offensively I think Kansas really just need to focus on stopping the run and if Cody Green gets in the game keep him from hurting you with his legs.  Wouldn't hurt to find our way into the 8 turnover mark like the Cyclones did either.  Kansas may need the defense to score in order to win this one.


I give Kansas the edge here based on their continued improvement and the Huskers struggles.  Only 180 yards of offense against OU yet they come away with a victory.  Important thing for the KU D is to maintain the intesity for four quarters, even if the offense doesn't help out.  Nebraska does it.












KU Defense vs. Nebraska Offense








Get Roy Helu and the Husker running game off to a strong start and it will open things up enough to make a few throws despite problems at QB.  The Kansas defense is improved but it's also vulnerable.  The Huskers need to avoid the turnover bug and be who they are.  Just like Kansas it won't take a herculean effort on offense to win this one, just a good enough effort.  The memories of 2007's offensive explosion are long gone in this one.

The kick return game looked improved last week but I'm still pretty certain this is an area of weakness.  Jacob Branstetter is missing kicks, and on the year our return game has given us nothing.  At least we have Alonso Rojas!!








Special Teams


Edge to the Corn because if this thing comes down to a field goal one way or the other it's a no brainer right now. 

Well Alex Henery is pretty much money inside of 50 so that's a bit of a concern in a game where 3-0 could win it.  Other than that the Huskers aren't all that different from Kansas in this one.  Not a whole lot to strike fear into any team at this point.

Somewhere along the way the strength of this team has been lost.  Not sure where the disconnect is but at this point there is no way to ignore the fact that something isn't right and it starts from the top down.  They patched up the defense but at this point the offense has got so far to go it doesn't matter.  I know they have it in them, I just hope they've got a feather in the cap for the month of November.



Any other year I think I'd take the Kansas coaching staff based on what they've accomplished to date but something is misfiring right now and while the Corn staff has their issues as well they've played to their strengths and defense has them in a position to win the North.  Something I was hoping to say about the Kansas offense this time of year.












There are issues with the Corn.  Primarily at the moment they rest with the offensive side of the ball much like the Jayhawks.  What the Husker coaches have done however is find a way to play to their strengths, maximize that strength and win the games they are supposed to.  Not a doubt in my mind that this staff will have something special ready for Kansas on one side of the ball at least.


Senior day for Todd Reesing, Darrell Stuckey, Kerry Meier, Jake Sharp and a likely final appearance in Memorial Stadium for Dez Briscoe as well.  Let's hope Kansas finds something to turn the giant wave of uncertainty that has overtaken this team.  A confidence boost, a moral boost or something.  Hopefully these guys get a chance to enjoy themselves one final time.  The Huskers present a winnable game.  Kansas just has to find a way to put everything that's happened aside and start over.