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Hawk Talk: Kansas vs Texas Tech the Morning After


Something's not right.  That's become pretty obvious. In a season where we were led to believe that "history" was in the making the Jayhawks look on the verge of a complete meltdown at times.  To be clear I was never very excited with the "History Awaits" marketing campaign anyway because in the preseason I think most saw Kansas coming out with at least three losses in the regular season which in no way assured a North title. 

Well here we are, 3 losses.  It's not the losses that are so frustrating though, it's the why's, what if's and how's.  Colorado has proved to be just as bad as they always were, but two gift wrapped touchdowns from our offense led to a loss.  Oklahoma was primed for an upset in Lawrence but once again poor offensive execution left an improved defense out to dry.  Lastly Tech was clearly not the same team that hung 63 on Kansas last year, their offense sputtered behind an excellent Kansas defensive effort for 3 quarters and still the offense becomes even worse to the point of benching Todd Reesing.

So what happened?  Home Run Tony has a good fanpost up to do a little sounding off and feel free to use this to discuss the same.  If you didn't get a chance to watch Kansas State went down 28-6 against an OU team to start the game in Norman.  From there the team battled back, the coaches called a solid game and at one point Kansas State looked to be within striking distance at 23-28 in Norman.  There was no give from the team wearing purple, the team we'll be playing next week with serious implications as to how this season wraps up.  If our offense doesn't execute, our coaches don't come up with a better gameplan offensively and we don't stand up and fight when we get kicked to the ground we may be ushering in the 2nd Bill Snyder era in with a bang. 

There are plenty of breaches in the levee for Kansas football right now.  It's time for this team to regain some sort of edge, get a chip on their collective shoulder and find a way to fight through the rest of this schedule.  Show some "want to" when things aren't looking good and find a few leaders on a team that doesn't appear to have any.