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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 4

After an unofficial bye week the power rankings are back and there has certainly been some movement in the RCT Football League.  Power players are emerging, dominant divisions, drafting errors and of course drafting surprises. 

4 weeks in the books, 10 weeks until the playoffs begin.  This is the time to make your adjustments bottom dwellers, this includes my own squad.  Although I am teetering on bouncing out of the bottom 6 which is a great feeling. 

On a sidenote It's snowing in Denver, the Rockies are in the playoffs, the Broncos are 4-0 and my buddy just won two tickets to the Kansas vs. Colorado game on the radio last night, guess who get's the second freebie!! With that, I'm out of anything witty to say so let's get on with the rankings shall we.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - Bensa and the Power Converters are riding a three game winning streak to the top of the standings.  After struggling in week one, Bensa has done a fantastic job of getting the most out of his team and rallying the troops to victory including a nailbiter this week over the Cry Baby Cutlers.  Bensa has also managed to be successful while allowing the 3rd most points of any team, shows the Power Converters can take your best and still pull it out.  How's the view from the top Bensa...I have to think your success is an indication that you are spending too much time in class tweeking your team.
  2. Kansas Farm Boys - Steady as she goes for the Farm Boys, if I'm not mistaken they've been top 2 since the first weeks rankings were released.  What's more impressive is the Farm Boys are doing it in the most difficult division in the league.  They'll need to keep a close eye in the rearview though because there is somebody STORMING to the top.
  3. Reesing for Heisman - If you were curious who's gunning for the Farm Boys consider this your answer.  Reesing, like the Power Converters, has turned a week one loss into motivation for a 3 game win streak.  They still trail the Farm Boys due to that week one head to head loss, but they can make a strong argument that they are playing better through 4 games than their division leading rival.
  4. Percy Harvins Smoke a Thon - Leave it to the stoner to weasel his way up the charts.  Seriously, the Smoke a Thon was one of the worst teams in the league the first two weeks.  Now they sit 3-1!!!!!!  Good god!!!!  They are also an anomoly in the fact that they've been outscored on the ear yet are so successful.  I have to hand it to ya Gingerballs, you must be doing something right.
  5. Fighting 5.7's  -  The 5.7's are one of three 2-2 teams leading their respective divisions.  After coming out of the gates like a bat out of hell the 5.7's have slowed a tad but that doesn't mean they still don't have it in them.  They play in a weak division and have shown the ability to win big early.  Consider this a warning KUGrad08, your still in the top 5...but you're drifting and I think that might even be me close behind if you look over that shoulder.
  6. Dezmons Tutors - Another 2-2 team leading the division by virtue of a tiebreaker. Consistency has been a concern and I'm not sure they can sustain as close behind is a solid team with a hot QB.
  7. The Slow Dancers - Winning their division by the slimmest of margins.  This division feels a lot like the AFC west in actuality.  Are there any good teams really in it or is it just a mirage at the top.  We shall see...kudos to RC though for continuing to be competitive despite the full plate of a college freshman year.  Speaking are you coming on adding that freshman 15, let us know when you hit that milestone, it's a big one.
  8. KC Deadheads - The deadheads started 0-2 with a big loss to divisional foe in the game of the week against the tutors.  After that they've done a great job recovering and look like a serious threat in this division.  Question Matt Schaub finally the real deal?
  9. Baby Seal Clubbers - 2-2 and chasing Slow Dance club in tow.  Good news for the Seal Clubbers is they look to be the more potent scoring team.  Bad news is Slow Dance doesn't lose divisional games and currently holds the tiebreaker.  Plenty of time remaining but karma might come back and bite the clubbers in the ass...anyone heard from PETA lately.
  10. The New York Chiefs - Labba and his Chiefs started off the season looking like the favorite in his division only to be jumped by the surprise of the year so far in Percy and his Doobie party.  Some tough draws to go along with some off days have meant labba is sitting a step behind old gingerballs but I don't doubt for a second that he'll be in the divisional race down to the wire.
  11. The Devils Rejects - The Rejects have fallen a bit since early on and really struggle with consistency.  Saving grace is they can look in the mirror and know they've beaten the Power Converters and the Tutors, bot hin the top 6.  If Tony Romo can get over his Terrell Owens hangover and show the Cowboys they made the right decision the Rejects will be right back in the thick of it.
  12. Basketball School - Starting with #12 and ending with #15 we have 4 teams sitting at 2-2, in the hunt, yet they are being outscored on the season.  Basketball school scored the most so by that virtue you'd have to give them the benefit of the doubt amongst the 4.
  13. Beltway Mudslingers - The Mudslingers are riding a seesaw.  One week is good, one week is bad.  There hopes might ulimately rest on whether Baltimore decides to really turn Joe Flacco lose and whether Joe Flacco is even that type of player.
  14. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - The little engine that could...we're sawin wood in Mangino land and sit 2-2 with a glimmer of hope for divisional competitiveness.  A two game winning streak after an abysmal start and now it's time to step it up a notch.
  15. KU Happy Hour 4 to 5 - 2-2 solid team, tough losses to some playoff teams currently but playing in the toughest division in the league the KU Happy Hour is going to have to hope that Tom Brady and Randy Moss revive their touchdown extravaganza of 2007.
  16. Cry Baby Cutlers - Sitting at 1-3 the Cutler Crybabies are closely resembling their namesakes calling card from 2008.  When Cutler was with the Broncos he could put up numbers and score points, but he couldn't win games.  Why? well simply put his opponents were scoring a crapload as well.  That's the case with the Crybabies now too.  This is one of those teams you don't want to play but they are going to need luck to change to get back in this before it's too late.
  17. Spontaneous Combustion - A strong start has given way to an abysmal three game losing streak. Injuries have taken their toll on combustion and unfortunately for him his consitency is rated as excellent.  Why is that bad you say?  Well when your consistently not putting up big numbers, an excellent consistency rating is a very bad thing..
  18. North Champs - Este....I'm pullin for ya...might I recommend getting a quarterback that isn't injured.  If you want I'd be willing to part ways with the DRAFT PICK SLEEPER OF THE YEAR Kyle Orton, yep that's interceptions...I made that pick and it can be yours for a healthy running back.

Weekly Game Recap

Spontaneous Combustion vs. The Fighting Mangino's - Denver and the Mangino's ride the Monday night dominance of the Vikings defense along with a fairly decent performance by Aaron Rodgers to victory.  Wide reciever play continues to be a concern for Spontaneous.

Kansas Farm Boys vs. NorthChamps09 - had him primed for the upset.  Drew Brees struggled and the Farm boys only posted an abysmal 60 pts.  Problem is, I'm pretty sure Este didn't log in this week.  2 bye weeks and an injured quarterback?  Farm Boys win again.

Basketball School vs. Dezmon's Tutors - Well managed and well played matchup by two pro's in this one.  Both owners are gettnig the most out of what they have week in and week out.  Dezmon's Tutors win though, no shame in that loss shame.

Percy vs. Fighting 5.7's - Another week of Percy squeeking out a win against a team struggling.  They are a scrappy group those stoners.  Tough loss for the 5.7's who had the look of such promise early and now look to regroup after dropping to 2-2.

Reesing for Heisman vs. The Slow Dancers - Another great game from the week.  Well managed on both sides, just looks like the QB play of Jason Cambell didn't quite matchup with Reesing's signal caller Phillip Rivers.  Big win for Reesing for Heisman in this one. 

Power Converters vs. Cry Baby Cutlers - Cry Baby did everything he could to win this one in a week where Bensa wasn't even close to his best.  Unfortunately for the Cutlers their struggles at RB were to much to overcome and the Power Converters get a win on an off day for the top team.

Happy Hour vs. The Seal Clubbers - Tom Brady vs. Peyton Manning.  This one had the makings of a great one as both teams have major scoring punch.  Happy hour had Ronnie Brown go off in the wildcat but the Seal Clubbers countered with an even bigger effort from Rashard Mendenhall on Monday night.  Throw in a good game by the Bears defense and the Seal Clubbers actually ran away with this one.

New York Chiefs vs. Beltway Mudslingers - Another great game, well managed and exciting.  Both owners squeeking nearly every last point they could and the Chiefs benefit from Brett Farve revenge night in Minnesota.  Problem is the Mudslingers benefit from a dominant run performance as well as 3 int's by the Buccaneers which push them on to victory.  Oh...anybody care to guess who was in on those picks???  One Aquib Talib....too bad he got beat on the game winning touchdown late.

Devils Rejects vs. The Deadeads - This one was a little sloppy as two quarterbacks out of the state of Texas struggled to put the ball in the endzone.  Follow that up with a pretty horrific day for the Titans defense and the Rejects just can't get enough to beat the Deadheads.


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - Game of the week goes to the New York Chiefs vs. Beltway Mudslingers.  Sure it wasn't as close as some others, but this was an exceptionally well managed game by both sides.  Factor in a huge rally late by the Chiefs and this was a good one.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) -Spontaneous Combustion scores out at 100% but loses??

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - The Smoke a Thon scores out at a measly 70% but wins???

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) - Baby Seal Clubbers 129.55

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) - NorthChamps09 30.1!!! Ouch...