Big changes a comin'?

After watching today's game and listening to HCMM's postgame comments, it seems that there could be big changes on the way for our Hawks...The offense is flaccid right now and it seems that the main problem is the total inability to run the ball. So, are changes coming for the O-line, and if so, who?

Todd Reesing hasn't looked like himself most of the year save for the Iowa St. game and he seems to be regressing. Besides the fact that I think he's hurt, he holds the ball way too long instead of just getting rid of it. Unless he can't go, I can't see him being replaced, but he does need to get rid of the ball quicker and stop taking so many negative plays.

The defense seems to be coming around some, but is it enough? We had a huge turnover advantage earlier in the game and still couldn't really capitalize because the offense was so inept. With the offense the way it is, the defense needs to be lockdown solid to give us a chance to win, and they were for 3 quarters today but they need to do it for the whole game.

Next up is KSU who has been getting better as the season has gone on, while we seem to be getting worse. Can we win in Manhattan? Sure, but if we play the way we've been playing then we're going to get destroyed.

This team just hasn't come together this year like we would have hoped, whether because of injuries or inexperience or coaching. The schedule hasn't helped, and while we could argue that we are only one game worse than we thought we might be at the start of the year, the truth is that this team seems to be miles away from winning a game.

I won't pretend to have the answers, other than taking better care of the ball and improving the running game, what can we do? And what are our goals now? I think the North is all but out for us with the problems we've got, so are we just hoping to squeak out one more win and get to a bowl? Would one win even be enough?

At this point, I think we just hope to beat our rivals and just be happy with a 3-year bowl streak, to send Meier and Reesing out on a high note.