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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 7

Another week in the books and while the log jam of teams residing within two games of the division is still there, the opportunity is now there for some teams to make a statement and create some separation. 

10 teams sit either 5-2 or 4-3 in the league while the other 8 fall somewhere between 3-4 and 2-5.  Amazingly three of the 2-5 teams are still in the same division so there are very few if any teams out of this yet.

This week is shaping up to be a critical one with some big matchups and we could finally see some folks jump ahead of the pack or next week might be the most jumbled mess ever.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Kansas Farm Boys - After lingering in the 2nd spot last week the Farm Boys capitalize on a Power Converters loss and another solid win to move into first place in this weeks RCT power rankings.  The Farm Boys continue to put up solid numbers week in and week out and with Drew Brees and the Giants D aboard that doesn't look to be changing anytime soon.
  2. Beltway Mudslingers - The Mudslingers are hot with 4 straight wins and leading a tough division with two 4-3 teams nipping at their heels.  The dangerous part for Beltway is that they currently sit 0-2 in divisional games so one misstep and they might find themselves in the cellar.
  3. Slow Dancers - How I ask? How?  Does a team who's quarterback selection consists of Jason Campbell and hoping that Matt Leinert plays amount to anything?  I don't know but the Slow Dancers have tapped there way to #2 in the league and almost as hot as the Mudslingers with 3 straight wins.
  4. Reesing for Heisman - 5-2 record and more points on the scoreboard than anyone in the league yet Reesing is on the outside looking in for a playoff berth as it stands now.  All stems from a head to head loss to the Farm Boys which Reesing will be looking to avenge in the final game of the regular season. 
  5. Tosche Station Power Converters - Losers of two straight the power converters are still in playoff position but need their full compliment of players back in action to regain some momentum.  The bye weeks haven't necessarily been easy to navigate in all cases.
  6. Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-Thon - The Smoke-a-Thon rolls on and Percy continues to be a playoff team sitting now 4-3 with Labba close behind at 3-4.  This has been an up and down division but the Smoke-a-Thon has been pretty much steady as she goes throughout. 
  7. The Fighting 5.7's - Winners of 2 straight the 5.7's are looking to claw their way back into things in one of the toughest divisions as they chase the Mudslingers of Beltway.  Things are about to get very challenging for the 5.7's though as they are getting hammered this week with bye's and it's almost to the point where they either have to concede a loss in a VERY competitive division or part ways with a potentially stronger player who's off for the week in order to plug holes and compete during the bye. 
  8. Baby Seal Clubbers -  I just realized that TO is on this team....makes sense I suppose.  Anyway the Seal Clubbers and their animal hating fans are sitting at 4-3 barely on the outside looking in and continue to put in good weeks behind Payton Manning's arm.  Question remains though can the Seal Clubbers overcome bad karma and catch Slow Dance and his fury?
  9. Basketball School - Sits 4-3 and on the outside looking in for a playoff berth due to a tiebreaker with the power converters.  Don't sleep on KC though, he's proven more than once that his fantasy life is far more successful than reality.
  10. The Fighting Mangino's - Slowly rising but staying under the radar, the Mangino's have made some moves this week positioning themselves to battle with the Mudslingers and 5.7's in what has become an extremely competitive division.
  11. KC Deadheads - Our first team with a losing record to make an appearance in the power rankings is actually currently a playoff team.  Yes that's right at 2-5 the deadheads are currently winning the worst division in RCT Fantasy Football and would be duking it our for respect as the low seed in the playoffs. 
  12. New York Chiefs - A promising season just hasn't gotten off the ground for Labba and his Chiefs but they are still in remarkably better shape than the real Chiefs.  Labba and his Chiefs sit 3-4 with really no horrible losses to speak of.  If he can string a few good wins together there is no reason the Chiefs can't battle Percy Harvin and his magic carpet ride for the division.
  13. New KU Happy Hour 4 to 5 - Hard to believe a team with Tom Brady and the Steelers D would be this low in the standings.  With both on Bye's this week it's hard to see things going better immediately, but as the weather turns colder and the Steelers defense begins to return to Super Bowl form watch out.  Didn't they have like 2 TD's last week?
  14. The Devils Rejects - This is a talented team it really is.  Players just continue to underperform whether it be the Titans D, Tony Romo or Santana Moss guys just aren't putting together the season expected of them.  I guess you never know when things might click though.
  15. Cry Baby Cutlers - The best worst team on the field is the Cry Baby Cutlers.  Well minus the 2-5 playoff participant in the deadheads that is.  It would appear the Cutlers have even reached the point of desperation of putting Josh Freeman on the roster in hopes that he'll guide the Buccaneer to prominance.  Whoever the Bucs play next should really look to pickup Russel Brorson who has been Freeman's favorite target over the past couple of years.
  16. NorthChamps - Don't look now but Este has won 2 out of 3 and is no longer the doormat of the league.  Now what will we do to give him shit. Nice job Este, keep pluggin away.  Important thing to remember is you are still technically tied for worst so don't let your foot of the gas this week or you may just be back in the toilet.
  17. Spontaneous Combustion - Consistency is an issue and last week this group hit an all time putting up a mere 45 points in a losing effort to PETA's favorite team the Baby Seal Clubbers.
  18. Dezmon's Tutors - The worst team in the worst division, sorry Warden it's looking rough right now.  I won't pile it on because I'm sure KC will take care of that in the comments below.

Weekly Results

Week 7 Tue 10/20-Mon 10/26

Team Points
Denver's Fighting Mangino's (4-3) 118
The Devil's Rejects (3-4) 94.65
Non-Division Game Denver's... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Beltway Mudslingers (5-2) 91.05
Basketball School!!! (4-3) 84.25
Non-Division Game Beltway ... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Fighting 5.7s (4-3) 125.45
Tosche Station Power Converters (4-3) 87.75
Non-Division Game Fighting... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Cry Baby Cutler's (2-5) 72.15
Reesing for Heisman (5-2) 138
Non-Division Game Reesing ... leads series 1-0 Box Score
KC DeadHeads (2-5) 80.8
New KU happy hour? 4 to 5 (3-4) 137.9
Non-Division Game New KU h... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Dezmon's Tutors (2-5) 78.7
Kansas Farm Boys (5-2) 115.8
Non-Division Game Kansas F... leads series 1-0 Box Score
NorthChamps09 (2-5) 102.6
New York Chiefs (3-4) 87.5
Non-Division Game NorthCha... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Slow Dancers (5-2) 97.7
Percy Harvin's Smoke-a-thon (4-3) 79.35
Non-Division Game Slow Dan... leads series 1-0 Box Score
Baby Seal Clubbers (4-3) 60.65
Spontaneous Combustion (2-5) 45.6
Non-Division Game Baby Sea... leads series 1-0 Box Score


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - This was a tricky one this week as there really weren't a lot of close contests.  Likely thought the biggest win in the biggest matchup was the Beltway Mudslingers beating Basketball School to move to 5-2 and sole possession of their division.  This game had equal bearing for both teams and whoever won would move to the top while the loser would, well lose some ground.  The game was close and ultimately the Mudslingers were able to overcome a poor showing from Tony G at tight end and get the win.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) - Once again multiple winners at 100%...New KU Happy Hour, Cry Baby Cutlers, Slow Dancers, Percy Harvin and the Power Converters.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  -I'm assuming no one will be surprised that Spontaneous Combustion took this one with a 61% coaching rating.  In his defense the point total was so low that his one mistake in not playing Roy Williams really weighed heavily and skewed this number just a smidge.  Still had he made the right call this was a W and not an L.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) -Reesing for Heisman with 138 takes the highest point total for the week, now can the real Reesing please do the same in Lubbock on Saturday.

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) -Spontaneous Combustion limped along to 45 points and amazingly fielded a full roster on the day.  My initial suspisions were that a few players on bye were overlooked but that wasn't the case, just a bad bad day.  Oh and a 61% coaching rating doesn't help.