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Kansas vs. Texas Tech Matchup Breakdown


Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Tech?

I'm at a bit of a loss on this one.  Kansas is one of the top ranked offenses in the country but the last few weeks have held some struggles for the unit.  Kansas needs to avoid mistakes early so they aren't forced to abandon the run.  From there take a little hint from A&M and commit to the run.  In the passing game Briscoe and Meier are studs but it's time guys like McDougald, Biere and Wilson see more balls.  Balance is the key to keeping teams off guard.  It's almost as if the Jayhawks have become to predictable.  One other thing, if the other team wants to throw an giant umbrella out there against this tough recieving corps, check down to the running backs.  They've been open regularly.



Edge Still goes to the Jayhawks here but after the last two weeks it's by an ever slimming margin.  Todd and the O have earned the benefit of the doubt due to past success, let's just get this thing back on track so doubt doesn't continue to trickle into the picture.




KU Offense vs. Texas Tech Defense



Texas Tech is a middle of the pack defense after some key losses from last season.  However if they can force some mistakes and make Kansas one dimensional it becomes a different game.  The blueprint is out there on how to stop this Jayhawk attack, it's just a matter of executing and capitalizing on any miscues. 

The changes from a few weeks back look to be upgrades.  John Williams is solid up front, Justin Springer and Huldon Tharp look to be the best linebacking combo Kansas has fielded this year.  Finally, Lubbock Smith, Ryan Murphy and even DJ Beshears despite his struggles have looked very good at times.  Throw into the mix a rejuvinated Darrell Stuckey and this defense has been respectable since Iowa State and had Kansas been firing on all cylinders was likely good enough to beat Oklahoma.  The Kansas defense needs the offense to put the team ahead and let the Jayhawks tee off, mix things up and try and force more mistakes by the Raiders, beyond that...bend but don't break whenever possible. 



















KU Defense vs. Texas Tech Offense









Believe it.  Once again Mike Leach has the top passing team in the nation.  The only tricky thing is their running game has struggled and their most efficient quarterback in this years musical chairs is out.  Take advantage of a youthful Kansas secondary and put them on their heels and Tech's wild ride, shootout style could make for some serious problems for the Jayahwks.

Allright, Kansas needs to keep McDougald as the kick return man, find a way to get Daymond Patterson better blocking and special teams might be moving in the right direction.  I mean hell Jacob Branstetter bombed one in and Alonso Rojas is still our punter extraordinaire.  All Kansas needs to do is play with a little more fire and be a little less timid on the special teams units and this might one day be a strength again.








Special Teams


I'll give Tech the edge because they have a solid return game and the last thing Kansas can afford to do is give Tech a short field.

Exploit the Kansas kick coverage and make Jacob Branstetter show why he's the best tackling kicker in the country.  Other than that, Mike Leach doesn't believe in field goals does he?  Still the Tech special teams unit can win field position with their return game and coverage.

Kansas coaching staff will come up with a gameplan of their own and I'm still confident in the group.  If it's me though, I'm going to commit to the run, keep things simple on offense and find ways to spread things around more.  On defense, channel whatever you did against Oklahoma in the first half and things will look allright.  Mix it up, disguise coverages and blitzes and make it difficult on whoever lines up behind center for the Red Raiders.





I say push on this one but let's be completely honest that the Jayhawk staff as got to find a way to get things back on track.  Like the offense they've earned a little bit of goodwill, but it's time to earn some money again.














Tech's coaches need to find a way to get the run defense back under control.  Find a way to plug and play yet another quarterback in the offense, and put Kansas behind early.  Leach is a mad genius and he certainly didn't disappoint last year in Lawrence.  Can he do the same?


It's tough to look at this one and say Kansas has a chance.  At the same time, isn't it tough to look at this one and say they don't?  Kansas and Tech have been all over the board this year in terms of how they've played and the state of the team.  Kansas is coming off two weeks with losses to Colorado and OU where they hurt themselves to the point of putting themselves out of the game.

Things at Tech were looking up after throttling Kansas State and beating Nebraska behind an impressive defensive performance.  Then lowly Texas A&M came to town and ran up and down the field to the tune of 50+. 

So who wins this thing?  In Lubbock with the offense the Raiders put on the field they'd look to have a decided edge.  At the same time the Kansas defense is playing better now and at some point this offense has to get back on track, right?

With all the uncertainty I think it's safe to say this one comes down to coaching.  Which coach has his team more prepared, refocused and ready to go.  The great thing about football is there's always next week, well next week is here Kansas fans and the North is still there for the taking.