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RCT Football League Power Rankings Week 6

So I got a little lazy in week 5.  I was in the midst of preparation for what I thought would be my Alma Mater stomping the local team in fine fashion.  That blew up in my face and now I feel like I've got some sort of H1N1 from being in Boulder.  I suppose it could be anything though coming from Boulder.

I do feel it necessary to give a special shout out to bottom feeder Esteban who put up the season high for points in a week while destroying Reesing for Heisman.  Sorry Reesing you caught Este on the wrong day as he nearly quadrupled his normal output with 205 points on the board.  Nice job Este.

With that in mind this thing is really heating up.  I've finally successfully traded away the prize of my draft class in Kyle Orton for some improved skilled players.  My luck I'm missing something and both guys I'm trading for are probably injured.  I've also noticed a few other trade discussions going on as the bye weeks are really beginning to test the GM skills of this logjammed RCT Football League.

Lot's of 4-2 records, a whole lot of 3-3's and if you can believe it one divisional leader sits at 2-4.  This thing is far from over.  Check out this weeks rankings.

RCT Football League Power Rankings After the Jump...

RCT Football League Power Rankings

  1. Tosche Station Power Converters - Despite a loss the Power converters remain atop the power rankings.  It's just hard to find fault in a team that can take your best punch and still outscore you. 
  2. Kansas Farm Boys - Kansas Farm boys are currently squeeking just ahead of Reesing for Heisman in probably the most highly contested divisional race.  Earns the spot at #2 still for now.  Although there are certainly some teams beginning to prove their worth close behind.
  3. Reesing for Heisman - Nipping at the heels and a very dangerous team.  Brutal schedule is the only thing that has kept them out of the divisonal lead at this point but the next matchup between the Farm Boys and Reesing will be huge.
  4. Slow Dancers - All these guys do is win.  Week in and week out they find a way even with Jason Campbell at quarterback.  4-2 at the moment and leading the division, the doubters persist but to date Slow Dance has made magic happen.
  5. Beltway Mudslingers -  3 straight wins for the Mudslingers and you won't find a hotter team in the league right now.  Joe Flacco has really paid off this year for the Mudslingers as the 2nd year quarteback has turned Baltimore from a defensive team to dare I say an offensive force?
  6. Percy Harvin's Smoke a Thon - Nonchalantly adding w's to the board.  Percy Harvin seems to have benefitted from some favorable matchups but a wins a win and they're playoff bound as of today.
  7. Basketball School - This week KC beat me in the fantasy matchup sending me a message that KC>>>>Denver in fantasy.  I kindly sent him a message back's ok because Denver>>>>>KC in real life.  In all seriousness though hats off KC you are in striking distance of once again proving that you are the ultimate fantasy sport player
  8. Baby Seal Clubbers -These guys can put up points, still just haven't had a whole lot of bounces go there way.  Good new is at 3-3 they certainly aren't out of this yet and are dangerously lurking, club in hand.
  9. New York Chiefs - Labba's been up and down all year but they still have the pieces in place to make a run if the consistency ever get's there.  Biggest problem for the chiefs is that this year they were the ones to fall victim to the Matt Hasselbeck hype. 
  10. The Devils Rejects - Where oh where have you gone Rejects.  A couple ticks up from the last rankings but the underperforming Titans defense is really beginning to become an issue.
  11. The Fighting 5.7's - 3-3 but 2-0 in division makes the 5.7's a team that is very well positioned to overtake the playoff race in their division.  An injury to Frank Gore could prove challenging though as the 5.7's are thin at running back.
  12. Cry Baby Cutlers - #12 in the power rankings but believe it or not the Cutlers are playoff eligible as of today with a 2-4 record.  An abysmal division but somebody has to win and right now the Cutlers have the inside track.  In fact they might just be better than their record indicates as this team has had a few tough breaks in the scheduling department and caught some teams on some pretty damn good days.
  13. Denver's Fighting Mangino's - Slowly but surely climbing to the top, sawin, choppin, clawin at some wood.  3-3 but my team is looking strong and once again I feel it necessary to point out that the Kyle Orten drafting is looking more and more who wants him? anyone?
  14. KC Deadheads - The injuries are starting to stack up and this is also about the time of year where the Matt Schaub show runs out of gas.  Could be tough slugging for the deadheads from here.
  15. Spontaneous Combustion - .9 points is all that separates the points for and points against for this group.  At 2-4 that must mean that this is a very up and down group.  Seems as though they just need a little more consistency and they'd be right in the thick of things. 
  16. KU Happy Hour 4 to 5 - Much like the 4-2-5 defense that brought about it's name, this team has gradually fallen out of favor with the football gods.  3 losses in a row for this group, maybe try switching back to a 4-3 and getting some better linebackers?
  17. Dezmon's Tutors - Things have really taken a nosedive for this squad.  They battled the first four weeks to a tough 2-2 record but were what I would consider a fairly dangrous team.  The last two weeks however have seen some blowout losses and points have become very hard to come by.
  18. North Champs - Este....Well are on the board.  In fact I'm sorry I missed the power rankings last week because you had a MONSTER week and a huge win.  Too bad it's back to same old same old this week.  Better luck next week.


Weekly Awards

Game of the Week - The Mudslingers and the Power Converters duked it out in a matchup of top caliber teams.  A well managed game by both with only .25 points separating the winner if both teams had played to their optimum potential.   Unfortunately for the Power Converters a decision to sit Mike Bell proved costly.

The Mangino Award(best coaching performance) -Damn...Spontaneous, Mudslingers, Reesing, Baby Seals, New KU Happy Hour and the Cry Baby Cutlers all graded out at 100%...competition is getting stiff.

The Stinkel(worst coaching performance)  - Fighting 5.7's with a 75% rating struggles this week but amazingly like our last Stinkel award winner manages a victory.  Further proof that Mizzou is somehow scamming the world.

The Reesing(most impressive offensive performance of the week) - Beltway Mudslingers 136.55

The Big 10 Award (worst offensive output of the week) - The Devils Rejects 51.7