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Hello and Welcome

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In the three days since the loss to Colorado we've had a few more brave souls come out of the woodwork and say hello.  I thought I'd take this opportunity to say welcome and also to anyone else still holding back, use this place as your fan forum to be optimistic, pessimistic, vent, discuss and debate the Jayhawks.  Positive vibes are always welcome but feel free to vent your frustrations as well because criticism is certainly a part of being a fanatic. 

For me being a fan is kind of like having a little brother.  I'm always supportive and my passion for their success won't change, but at the same time I can knock my little brother around, push him and expect his absolute best.   Hell if we can't be passionate about our team what's the point?

I know when I first started reading SB Nation sites, it was the Fanposts and comments that got me hooked.  Sure as one of the guys that writes for this place I'd like to think I've got some valuable insight, but honestly I think there are probably just as many intelligent football fans out there that have a whole lot they can add to this place. 

In short,  keep it coming, it's been a fun week considering what we're coming off of.  A welcome distraction and good therapy if you will.  Everyone's got an opinion so let's hear em.  Bring your thoughts, opinions and insight and let's enjoy the heck out of this year whether it be football or basketball.  Fact remains you can't win em all and the older I get the more I love the ups and down...well mostly the ups.