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Kansas vs. Oklahoma Team Matchups


Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Oklahoma?

Turnovers killed the Kansas offense against Colorado and a minimal 55 yards of offense was the result in the first 28 minutes of the game last week.  Still Kansas is the number five offense in the country and I do expect them to compete regardless of the opponent.  Kansas wins this battle if they can get back to the balanced attack they showed early on.  Make the Sooners defend the run, help give Todd more time when it's a passing play and Kansas can compete.  It won't be easy though



I'm going push on this one because both units are very good at what they do.  Make no mistake though if Kansas comes out as they did against Colorado the Sooners will have a field day defensively.




KU Offense vs. Oklahoma Defense



The 3-3 Oklahoma Sooners are a much better team than the record indicates.  Perhaps their strength this year due to some unfortunate breaks on the offensive side of the ball is their defense.  Ranked #8 in the country in terms of total defense and #3 in scoring defense the Sooners will want to force the Jayhawks to abandon the run early and then tee off with their excellent defensive line making Todd Reesing

uncomfortable all day long in the process.  If they can do that, it'll be tough for Kansas to outscore the Sooners.

The Kansas defense has been good at times and bad at times.  Against Colorado they probably took some more heat than they deserved so hopefully that will put a little further chip on their shoulders for this weeks matchup.  Kansas has to figure a way to get pressure as they did last week against CU but this time they have to finish it off.  Throw in the mix another strong performance against the running game and the Jayhawk defense will put themselves in a position to be successful.
















KU Defense vs. Oklahoma Offense









Sam Bradford potentially out, Jermaine Gresham

out and a young offensive line.  This offense that looked like one of the top in the country is now merely a top 20 offense (hopefully you catch the sarcasm).  Oklahoma needs to avoid mistakes, keep it balanced and handle their business up front and they're tough to stop. 

Two long field goals, a fake punt, solid punt coverage but Kansas is still missing a pretty key component in the kickoff coverage unit and kick return unit not giving much assistance.  Kansas needs to focus better on the kick coverage first and foremost and find a way to get some semblance of a kick return going as well.  Field position is too important for the current trends to continue.



Don't see any other way to call this one other than a push again.  Just haven't seen enough from Kansas and statistically speaking OU is about the same.  Good in some areas, average in others.






Special Teams



OU is decent in the punting game but like Kansas sometimes struggles in the kickoff and kickoff return phase.  Whichever team capitalizes more on the others ineptitude will go a long way in this one in my opinion. 

Coach Mangino has always been competitive against the Sooners but he has yet to truly have a big time upset or win against a Big 12 South opponent.  This will take one of his better coaching jobs and if he pulls it off the big man will get some major kudos.  Until then though, Stoops still has his number.

















While big game Bob hasn't lived up to the name recently he still does have that National Championship ring.  If I could just remember who his offensive coordinator was that year it might help me make a decision on this one.


Well this was one at the beginning of the year that was looked at as a loss.  After the last two weeks the temptation would be to say it still is.  However, this college football season has been so full of ups and downs across the country that I'm going into this one with the opinion that anything can happen.

Coach Mangino has consistently fared decent against his former employer and with both teams looking for some redemption this one could be a battle that is no different. 

My hope is the offense clicks, the defense is serviceable, the coaches have a good plan and the slightly later start time gives our crowd a much needed boost for the biggest game of the year in Lawrence to date.    Time to rally Jayhawks, let's see if we can't surprise some folks.