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Open Game Thread :: Game #6 :: Kansas 5-0 (1-0) @ Colorado 1-4 (0-1)

The classic Trap Game. Oklahoma is next week, and even though they have a losing record, they are still Oklahoma. And it's still going to be a huge game. So, no doubt, we're looking ahead at that.

Plus, Colorado isn't very good. They probably aren't as bad as they showed that one Friday night at the Glass Bowl, but even if they are better, they could still royally suck. They don't suck, and have enough talent/ability to score some points on us and maybe, just maybe, even pull off an upset.

The only thing in our favor, in a sense, was that we played absolutely dreadful last week. I mean, we played just as poorly on defense as we did last year against Texas Tech, it's just that Iowa State didn't have Harrell and Crabtree. And yet, they still put up 36 points, and would have likely won the game had Austen Arnaud not overthrown a wide open receiver in the endzone. That shit sucks, man. That's just really bad.

So, we need to play a lot better. Odds are we do. In any case, this is your Open Game Thread for the game. If need be, we'll put up a new one at halftime. It is away from the friendly confines of Memorial Stadium, so hopefully a bunch of people show up.

I should be here, pending extenuating circumstances. I'd imagine we'll have all of the regulars. Stupid FSOhio is being stupid and not showing the game here, so I'm resorted to the computer, yet again. But it should be okay.

We better win. I want to win so bad, and play Oklahoma in a big game next week. A 2-3 Boomer Sooner team still wears the Crimson and Cream and still has plenty of mystique. But if we are 5-1, it won't feel nearly the same. Just don't blow it. Please.