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Kansas vs. Colorado Team Analysis

Why Kansas? Edge Scenario Edge Why Colorado?

Last week Todd Reesing and the Kansas offense exploited Iowa State anyway and every way they could on their way to a win.  This was the offense we've been looking for all season and Todd, Kerry and Dezmon look like a trio that are difficult for anyone to stop.  Throw in the play of the Kansas offensive line which seems to be making major strides and Kansas has the pieces in place to continue the balanced attack that can score in bunches. 







KU Offense vs. Colorado Defense


Colorado's defense hasn't shown much this year but if there is a strength it's in the linebackers.  The coaching staff has at times taken chances and thrown some different blitz packages that might cause some turmoil for Todd.  If this same group can limit the Kansas ground game and the rest of the Colorado defense plays at the level they did last week in the first half against Texas then they've got an opportunity to slow the Jayhawks.

Exposed...that's the word that's been used more than once after last weeks performance against the Cyclones.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice...well you know.  The Kansas defense has a lot to prove if they want to regain the trust of Kansas fans.  The linebackers might be beyond repair but if the Kansas staff can cover for that area by "simplifying" the scheme perhaps this thing is salvageable.  All I can say is, it's a good thing the Buffaloes are on the schedule this week.
















KU Defense vs. Colorado Offense










Before this week I would have scoffed at the Buffalo offenses chances, now not so much.   The Tyler Hansen era has begun in Boulder and what that means no one is real sure, but it does mean a fresh start.  Kansas struggled against the Cyclones who had a big physical offensive line and established the ground game.  Colorado can do the same if they commit to it.  If they go back to feeling like they are a spread, pass happy offense they might let Kansas off the hook.

Kansas is average at best in this area as well but to some extent they are better than they look statistically.  I'm still not nearly as high on this unit as I was at times but I think Kansas has a better coached group in this instance and has the edge against the Buffs.












Special Teams





This is far from a strength for the Buffaloes.  Their only saving grace is Darrell Scott the former top running back recruit in the country whose talents have been relegated primarily to kick return duty.  He's not bad at it, but that's about the only area they do well.

The Kansas staff self admittedly lost points in this area last week but by the same token Mangino led teams consistently improve throughout the year.  In this game Kansas outmatches the Buffs staff but they'll need to make some major fixes to the defensive side of the ball to continue proving their worth as a quality staff.
















Much has been made of the myriad of coaching and personnel decisions that have severely damaged the Buffaloes hopes this season.  10 wins, no excuses was the rallying cry.  5 games in and 10 wins has long been out the window as a goal.  Still perhaps Dan Hawkins most recent move to Tyler Hansen will be the right one.  Problem though is, if it is the right move...he'll be blamed for waiting to long.


This game made me nervous at the beginning of the season.  Then Colorado's season began with a giant thud of reality and Kansas looked like a pretty solid group with even the defense coming together. 

Unfortunately last week once again changed my thoughts back to worry.  Kansas struggled with Iowa State and a big physical offensive line, while Colorado put up their best effort of the year in challenging the Texas Longhorns in Austin. 

I still expect and look for a Kansas victory, but this one is concerning with the play of last week and the sudden changes in Boulder.  The Tyler Hansen era is underway, can he exploit the Kansas defense the same way Austen Arnaud and the Cyclones did?  Even if they do can their defense slow Todd Reesing as they did Colt McCoy?

It's a  tall order for the Buffs, but pressure mounts on the Kansas sideline to put things together and win the games they need to in the manner they are expected to.