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Open Game Thread :: Iowa State Cyclones 3-2 (0-1) @ Kansas Jayhawks 4-0 (0-0)

You know the drill. Kansas football. Open Game Thread. Let's put up some ridiculous number. I'll actually be here, yes, for most of the game. If not all of it. I will be resorted to the computer because no Versus, but whatever.

We should win. We will win. We will win big. I'm pumped.

Not to look ahead or anything, but yeah. I'm not worried at all.

This is almost like the Duke game. Basically. It's an early afternoon game, morning even in the central time zone. It's on Versus. It's against some awful BCS conference team. Let's just have the same result.

Oh, and let's hit 1,000 comments or something. That would be pretty sweet.