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RCT Readers Choice Awards; Offensive MVP


"RCT Readers Choice Awards"

After the football talk and the people’s choice awards talk on the news this morning, I had a thought. Everyone has their own postseason football honors and it’s always hard to filter through the ones that matter and those that don’t. So why not muddy the waters a little bit more. Introducing the "RCT Reader’s Choice Awards." We’ll keep it short…Offensive MVP, Defensive MVP, Most Improved, Newcomer of the Year, Special Teamer of the Year and finally the Mr. Jayhawk Award. We’ll try to go through 1 a day over the next week. This way we can continue to talk a little football inserting appropriate breaks and content for basketball.

Here’s how we’ll do it…I’ll throw up a post and a poll. If necessary, inside the post will be a breakdown of the nominees and any appropriate information regarding their qualifications. We’ll do this in a poll format so both lurkers and those more active readers all have a voice. Feel free to lobby for your selection in the comments. These will be quick, 1 day polls and in the end we will have our "RCT Reader’s Choice Awards." I’ll come up with a better name for those too, and you have to admit that is one awesome trophy.

First off let’s start with 2008 Kansas Jayhawk Offensive MVP…and the nominees are….