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Open Game Thread :: Game #21 :: Colorado Buffaloes 9-10 (1-4) @ Kansas Jayhawks 16-4 (5-0)

Just don't blow it, all right?

That's all this game is about; now screwing up. We don't even have to play well, and we can still win. So, let's just get to 6-0, move on with our lives, and begin to fully look towards what should be a big Big Monday matchup with the Baylor Bears down in Waco.

I don't think we will blow it, though. I think we jump out early, the crowd gets in it, we get pumped and we are up by like twenty halfway through the first half. Then we kind of lose interest, a little, and trade baskets for most of the rest of the game, save a nice little run early on in the second half. Our reserves, the Jayhawk Musical Boys, will lose some of the lead, but it'll still be a very comfortable margin.

Kansas 75 Colorado 49

Twenty-six point victory. That's what I'm predicting.

It's fine if you don't win by twenty-six. But, just don't lose.

All right?