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What You Should Be Reading: Nebraska #1 Postgame

OK, here we go with the postgame edition. Same sort of stuff, though. Just links from across the internet regarding the game. Or, I suppose, Kansas basketball in general. But, probably not.


  • Again, we'll start with the Kansas City Star. J. Brady comes in with your standard, bland recap of the game. Then, he presents us a much more interesting tale of Tyrel Reed's trash-talking exploits. Seriously, it's a good read. Finally, you've got the KU Notebook, where they wonder why the bigs struggled. You could have just asked me, KC Star, and I could have told you that before the game. Wouldn't have made you seem like such a bunch of idiots.
  • Moving on to the Topkea Capital Journal, we're sticking with the Tyrel Reed theme. And, then, we've got another game recap. This one's better than J. Brady's, though.
  • The UDK has a Jesse Newell-esque rundown of the game as it occurs. Semi-interesting, and always fun to read back; when you win, that is. That is all there is for now, we'll update later with their sure-to-be-imprending updates.
  • Moving, finally, over to KU Sports; the same as UDK. They've got their Jesse Newell (hey, this time it really is Jesse Newell!) live rundown of the action, and that's all. Updates pending. 
  • Now, let's hit up the blogosphere really quick. The folks over at KJ-IBT have a thorough, in-depth recap of the action. And, honestly, it's the best read out of all of those newspaper articles. Honest. Awesome read.

OK, so, yeah, there should be more if I can get to this before school. If not, well, then, whoops. We'll do our best, though. And, as always, if you see any interesting links, make sure to either (A) FanShot them with either a quickie quote or a link, or (B) paste 'em here, and we'll slap 'em on. Promise.

But no spam, Hansborough.