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Statistical Rearview: Kansas @ Nebraska

After every game Rock Chalk gives a great breakdown that includes a lot about each player and each of their individual performances.  I thought it might be a good complement to add a 10,000 foot view of the game.  A statistical look back if you will. 

I'll be calling this new feature the "Statistical Rearview."  The plan going forward will to have this along with our postgame links and Rock Chalk's player breakdown be a regular part of the postgame content.

So with that in mind let's dive in shall we.

During the OGT yesterday Warden asked about a probability of winning chart.  While we can't do it in realtime it is nonetheless an interesting chart to look back on.  While the game against Nebraska is pretty self explanatory I think this will be a pretty interesting chart going forward. 

Interesting to note that even when most of us were feeling pretty good in the OGT with our 6 and 8 point leads late.  It wouldn't appear our lead was never really considered safe until this thing was over.

More Stats, Charts and Breakdown after the jump...

The four factors to winning is a statistical breakdown of what has been determined to be the 4 most important factors in winning any NBA or College Basketball game.  These are pretty interesting and each is weighted different, here's a quick explanation for our first go around

First off the eFG% holds in theory a 40% weight in the outcome and is your basic shooting % but it does take into account whether the shot is a 2 or 3 point bucket, giving a weighted benefit for a 3.  TO% is given a 25% weight and amounts to your basic percentage of turnovers to possessions.  OR% is estimated at a 20% weight and is a percentage of a teams offensive boards based on the total amount of rebounds on their end of the floor (Off. Boards/(Off Boards + Opponents Def Boards).  Finally the FT% comes in with a 10% weight and is the rate of free throws taken by the team as a percentage of the field goals taken, so basically if we shoot 10 free throws in conjunction with 30 field goals that would be a 33% score.  A little wordy and hopefully it will make more sense as time goes, but on to the breakdown.

While we didn't start off strong in any and the Huskers were lights out from the field at the beginning things did balance out.  We eventually won the battle of the boards thanks to Cole's much more active 2nd half, and Nebraska started missing shots thankfully.  Turnovers were still a struggle but overall that one category is probably why this one was close.


From an individual standpoint it's no surprise that Sherron was the key offensively.  Cole definitely got in the act on the boards, nice seeing Releford on the radar and looks like Tyshawn Taylor needs to take a little better care of the ball.


Here is a final TEAM stat breakdown for both squads with a comparison to their season averages.  Biggest takeaway here for me is that we had 18 shots less than our average.  Part of this is turnovers and part of it is rebounding.  Also though we did ultimately shoot above our average of the year, which certainly helped..quality over quantity I guess.  That said so did Nebraska and had they not cooled in the 2nd half they would have beaten us no doubt.


Finally here's a player statistical breakdown for Kansas.  This one is sortable so you can check the leaders.  Only 14 minutes and 2 fouls between both Morris twins.  I think many of us thought there would be a reduced role but not for the reasons that occurred.  The fact of the matter is rather than exploiting our size advantage against Nebraska we had to play their way and went small 6 of our top 7 players from a minutes standpoint were all guards with Mario Little being the closest to a legit inside presence in that group.


That's all for now.  I'll be working on refining this new deal as time goes but I hope it's something you all find beneficial and helpful.