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"Phew" -- Kansas 68 Nebraska 62

In another effort to draw more traffic to RCT, we're going to try and start having postgame threads.

No analysis or anything, just a place to talk about the game right after it happens. This is to keep OGT numbers purely for the game, and to try and limit those numbers. Also, it gives someone a chance who doesn't want to get to the end of the OGT and just wants to hear general thoughts.

Also, this is where comments about other games (like KSU-Mizzou, tonight) are greatly encouraged.

Seriously, that's all. I want to get this one up tonight, so I'm just going to leave it at that.

Come talk here, now!

I will say, quickly, that this was a huge win. We didn't play all that well, especially in the first half where their D confused the absolute hell out of us, but we played much better in the second half and were able to come away with a huge win. These are the wins that keep teams alive for conference championships; the games so many teams seem to lose. When they hit those two threes, they had every ounce of momentum, and there was no real reason why they wouldn't come back and win. But, they didn't, we were able to stay ahead. So, that's big.