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Open Game Thread :: Game #20 :: Kansas Jayhawks 15-4 (4-0) @ Nebraska Cornhuskers 12-6 (2-3)

OK, this is going to be a short into to an Open Game Thread. I'm running quite tight with the hour-before-game-time deadline I've set, so we can have plenty of pregame time to bump the numbers.

Let's keep it simple. Cole could have a big day. Most media outlets are all-but-guaranteeing it. However, I don't think he will. Sure, he won't be shutout; he'll get a double-double, I'll say 18 and 14. That is damn impressive, sure. But he won't be the reason we win. No, they'll give those up to Cole when they occur, they can't really stop it without completely fouling the hell out of the dude, but they will focus on not letting Cole beat them. And, Doc Sadler is a good enough coach, and the team is experienced enough and talented enough and impressive enough on D to not let it happen. If we win, it'll be because we can drain the three.

Book it.

If we can make threes (I'm looking at you, Brady and Tyrel and Tyshawn and Mario and, hell, even Marcus), we win. If we don't let them go off from behind the arc, we win. If neither of those things happen, though, we are in big trouble. Big, big trouble.

That trouble ain't coming our way, though. I think we are successful on both fronts, and while the Cornhuskers successfully slow the game down to an extent, and prevent us from ever going on a long, sustained run, we win comfortably. A lot like last week, I think. Nebraska > Iowa State, but the Cyclones were able to stay closer because of a superhero performance from Craig Brackins. I don't see any Cornhusker putting up 42, so we'll say the game follows almost an identical path. So much so, that that will be my score prediction:

Kansas 82 Nebraska 67

Boom, suckers. Drop your predictions in the OGT, another way to boost numbers. In case you're new (welcome KC Star readers, by the way, who found us by way of the Upon Further Review blog), we have this Race for 4,000 comments going on. It's more of an ideological dream, but if enough of you drop in and contribute, we should be golden. So, come on in, pull up a metaphorical seat at this metaphorical bar where we're all watching/listening to the game (as always, some are drunker than others) and chat away. We would love to have you.

The Race for 4,000 begins!