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What You Should Be Reading: Pregame

OK, well, Rock Chalk Talk is bigger than it ever has been. And, in an effort to appease all of you newly-involved minions, we're going to try and do something new. It's a lot like the links Denver would post for football games, before and after. Actually, it's basically identical. But yeah, that is all it is. Just a hogepoge of links about the game, either the morning before or the morning after, to read. This way, you can always just come to RCT first, and we'll point you to anything worth reading. Right?

We can make it prettier and stuff later on, too, but for now, bullet points will do. Deal with it.


First up, we have the friendlies. These will be your Kansas beat writers, the people who follow the Jayhawks all the time. Your J. Brady McCulloghs and your Tully Corcorans. Those types.

They did have this nice little two-sentence summary of the capsule:

BOTTOM LINE: KU is playing too well and simply has too much size to fall to the Cornhuskers — even in Lincoln. Center Cole Aldrich will do whatever he wants inside.

Maybe I just overthink stuff, but really, KC Star? Did you watch the Nebraska-Oklahoma game? Or, even Saturday's Kansas game against Iowa State? When teams are overmatched in size, they don't just match up man-to-man and essentially admit defeat. Particularly when you only have one good big guy; it isn't that hard just to double-and-triple team him. Yes, this is me going mano-a-mano with the Kansas City Star and J. Brady, or whoever wrote that. We'll see how it plays out Wednesday night, but I'd be willing to bet I'm right.


Naturally, these are the links from the opposition; in this case, the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Of course, this was probably a bad game to start this linkfest; none of the Nebraska blogs give a flip about basketball. Honestly. Some of the better Big 12 blogs out there, including Corn Nation here at SB Nation, are Nebraska blogs, but after quickly checking all of 'em; all they are talking about is Spring Football, which is still months away, and some recruits. That's all. No mention of basketball at all, on most, and on the rare Nebraska blog where they do acknowledge the existence of a roundball squad, they provide, like, weekly updates. Yikes.

Still, there is one Nebraska Basketball Blog out there, entitled Husker Hoops Central. So, yeah, we're just going to stick there, in terms of other blogs.

OK, that's all I've got. Usually, hopefully at least, there will be more links to point you to, but whatever. And, maybe, sometimes, we can point you to other interesting non-game-related links across the interwebs, or something. We'll see how it all plays out.

Open Game Thread is scheduled to show up an hour early. Be there, and participate. I will. Denver will. I bet that KC, Warden, KGRTC and Hunter will. Will you?