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Post Game Recap: Kansas 82 Iowa State 67

Craig Brackins scored 42 points for the Cyclones Saturday afternoon. The rest of the team, any mathematician could tell you, scored a combined 25.

So, yeah, we didn't play the best D in the world on Brackins. However, Craig was unconscious today; even when we stuck a hand in his face and did everything we could, the ball still found its way inside the cylinder.

But, besides the ridiculousness of Brackins' performance, we did everything else almost perfect. Well, perfect is probably too strong of a word. But, we played really well, and dominated the Clones in every non-Brackins facet of the game.

Photo detail

See what I mean? You can't play much better D than that... (Nick Krug // KU Sports)

Seriously, though, just about everybody played well. Sherron was just as on-fire in the first half as Brackins was, putting up eighteen points. Cole Aldrich gave us his standard 16 and 12, coming up particularly large in the second half. Mario Little was perfect from the field for the second straight game. Brady was Brady, like always. Tyrel continued to improve on the defensive side of the ball, and hit a couple of monster three-pointers. Tyshawn played really awesome D and had a good, overall game, despite shooting only 3-10. Quintrell, playing significant minutes for the first time in over a month, played as good of defense as anyone else did on Brackins, and had some excellent box-out-and-boards. The Morris twins, really, are the only duo who struggled, although Marcus > Markieff. Marcus was a more active defender and was more of a presence on offense. Markieff picked up two fouls, turned the ball over twice and picked up all of zero rebounds in 7 minutes of play. Sure, he scored, but only 2 points on four field goals.

Plenty more analysis and stuff to come tomorrow, but for now just be happy that we won a game on the road. Road games are always nice to win, especially up in Hilton. We have an even bigger road game coming up on Wednesday; Nebraska lost in OT today to Okie State at home. It certainly won't be easy, but we could win if we play well. I promise.