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Open Game Thread :: Game #19 :: Kansas Jayhawks 14-4 (3-0) @ Iowa State Cyclones 12-6 (1-2)

OK, here we go. We've got to win games like this, but these are the games that tend to give young teams fits.

We need to contain Brackins, stop their three-point shooters (especially Lucca) and make our own long balls. All of that happens, we should be good as gold.

I'm not worried, per se, but I'm definitely anxious. There are a lot of things that could go wrong and lead us to lose. And a loss would suck. A lot.

Still, I don't think we lose. I think we struggle early on, adjusting to the Hilton Magic stuff, and they hit a couple of threes. But then, our talent begins to take over, and we slowly work our way back. Build up a lead, slowly, throughout the entire second half. A huge, clutch three from Brady with 3:53 left extends the lead to ten, and we never look back after that.

Kansas 75 Iowa State 61

As far as the Open Game Thread, or OGT, goes, I'll be here. Denver is at a wedding (priorities, man), so he won't be here, but I will. And, that means you should too. If you have nothing else to do during the game, come in and start commenting. We could use the help; we are on the Race for 4,000, after all.