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Open Game Thread :: Game #17 :: Kansas 12-4 (1-0) @ Colorado 8-7 (0-1)

Should be an easy win. If it isn't, I suppose that's fine. But if it's a loss, that sucks. This could be a season-changing loss, but if we win, it's just another ho-hum game. So, yeah, let's make this one boring quick.

Keep in mind, the temp will likely be slow. Slow, slow, slow.

Even then, I figure we our guards can fairly easily contain theirs, leaving us a gargantuan advantage in the frontcourt. Cole could have a ridiculous game, but more likely I bet that either one of the Morris twins or Mario Little will have a monster game. Or, even more likely, all three of them play better than normal, just none of them completely dominate. Yeah, I'll choose that one. Markieff with 14, Marcus with 16 and Mario with 12.

Game over.

Kansas 78 Colorado 53