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Open Game Thread :: Game #16 :: Kansas State Wildcats 11-4 (0-1) @ Kansas Jayhawks 11-4 (0-0)

Like I said earlier, this is pretty much a must-win game. Not for glorious reasons or anything, simply because we can't afford bad losses currently.

And while there are things to be nervous about, like Jacob Pullen or Jamar Samuels, all-in-all, we are in good shape. They really don't have anyone who can match up with Cole, and we tend to play much, much better at Allen. Especially the freshmen.

The Morris twins have to at least play competently, without fouling out, tonight. If they do that, and we get enough contribution from that big, tall white guy, we should be A-OK.


Kansas 72 Kansas State 60

The Race for 4,000 begins...