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Open Game Thread :: Game #15 :: Kansas 11-3 (0-0) @ #8 Michigan State 12-2 (3-0)

Before we get to the Race for 4,000, here is a quickie preview of what the Spartans do well and don't do well, just to give a ballpark as to what to watch out for.

What Michigan State Does Well

  • Adjusted Offensive Efficiency -- 15th in the country
  • Offensive Rebounding -- 14th
  • Three-Point Percentage -- 12th
  • Defensive Rebounding -- 26th
  • Assists/Field Goals Made -- 16th
What Michigan State Doesn't Do Well
  • Forcing Turnovers -- 219th
  • Defending the Three -- 172nd
  • Drawing Free Throws -- 249th
  • Fouling -- 273rd
For those stats, and any others, check out Michigan State's KenPom page.
In simple terms, Michigan State is one of the best teams in the country. They beat Texas in Houston, they crushed Oklahoma State. They lost early on to Maryland in embarrassing fashion, but that was without Goran Suton, and generally in different circumstances. And since then, they only lost, albeit by a substantial margin (98-63), to National Champion favorite North Carolina. They should beat us, and there is a distinct possibility it won't be all that close. However, if the Morris twins play well enough on Raymar, we've got a shot.
I don't think it will be enough, though. Cole will have a monster day, but Sherron will struggle and our freshmen, while handling it better than the game down in Arizona, will still struggle on the road in a hostile environment.
Michigan State 81 Kansas 69

The Race to 4,000 begins now...