Hawk Talk...The Morning After Edition(WK2)



A look at news and notes about Jayhawks and upcoming opponents...

  • Recap of the South Florida UCF game...
    My thoughts on the game...There are a lot of positives that can be taken from this game.  Wasn't an overly impressive win from a score standpoint but I felt pretty good about the way we played considering the conditions.   First and foremost this defense has attitude and is going to take a lot of pride in their performance.  Stuckey is a flat out stud, dominated last night and looks like a linebacker half the time on running plays.  That said we need to stay healthy and the defensive line is going to have to continue to improve. 
    Offensively there is still more to be desired.  The receivers are incredible and Todd is Todd, but the offensive line is flat out getting beat on too many plays and the running backs look extremely hesitant.  Another area where I think we are missing is tight end.  We are very young here and Derek Fine seems to have been a much bigger loss than we could have anticipated with the youth and inexperience that has had to fill that void.  Love the passing production but we've got to continue to improve and I would like to see a little more of Angus "the beef" Quigley early in the game next week.
    Special teams looks solid.  Daymond Patterson is impressive and will continue to be a major threat on punt returns.  The only hicup in the kicking game was the missed extra point but with the weather and how bad the kick looked my guess is a misshandled snap or hold so I'm not to concerned.  Finally punting looks to be much improved over last year, pinned two inside the 20.