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Open Game Thread :: Game #4 :: Sam Houston State 1-0 (0-0) @ #19 Kansas 2-1 (0-0)

I'm still here. Promise.

And not to make excuses or anything, but combining a busy week coming off of a devastating loss with the upcoming opponent being treated, and rightly so, as nothing more than a mere opportunity to get our season back on track and for us to develop some of our younger players.

I will use this next week to delve into the deeper issues of our football team, in what areas we need to improve for conference season and so on.

As far as this one goes, make sure and check out all of Denverjhawk's tremendous work previewing the game.

In any case, this game should be used merely as a stress-free tool to analyze some of our young reserves and another game of experience for our young producers; namely the offensive tackles who could use all of the experience they can get.

As far as predictions go, I'll take the Jayhawks, obviously, winning 55-3.

Enjoy the game. And check back in Saturday night for some actual, you know, stuff being put up on this blog. Shocking, I know.