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There are a bunch of positives to take away from that game. I don't really have the senses or the patience to deal with it right now, but the positives are still there. I promise.

South Florida is a damn good team. I'll give them that. But, like everyone said before the game, it is readily apparaent that we were both equal tonight, and that we are equal teams. The difference tonight was simply the homefield advantage. That played a heavy, heavy role. An incredibly large role. A massive role. The difference in the game.

I am busy tomorrow, but will provide some semblance of thought sometime later tomorrow night while watching the tOSU-USC game, and then further diseect it on Sunday.

But for now, just don't get too down on yourself, Kansas fan. South Florida is the likely Big East Champion, assuming they don't shit the bed at some point down the line, and are clearly a Top 15 team in the Country. Just because we lost to a team like that on a last-second FG on the road in primetime national TV people will assume that we weren't for real. But, and this is obvious for anyone who took the time to watch the game, we clearly belonged tonight. Both teams did. Like it or not, college football traditionalists, both Kansas and South Florida is here to stay.

So, for the next 24 hours, think about this as far as the game goes: Kansas is still a damn good football team, there wer eplenty of positives to take away from tonight. South Florida was just able to escape. On that note, I am certainly glad that we showed some balls, some kahootz, and were able to come back from a near-death experience and somehow make a game out of it. Somehow. As terrifyingly awful as the end of the game was tonight, it was certainly much better than Matt Grothe simply kneeing on the freaking turf while holding a 21-point, 41-20 lead, which seemed a lot more likely.

Better luck next time, maybe. And, while this doesn't necessarily matter at all, we certainly got our share of breaks last year. It was probably time for at least one to go against us.

Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts.

Oh, and George Selvie for Heisman. Damn, is he good.