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Hey, Whaddya Know, I'm Actually Posting Something

I went on vacation. A vacation filled with far too many internet-less hotels and slower-than-dial-up connections. And then, upon my return, the world came crashing down and I have neglected this blog.

And for that, I feel horrible. The longer I stayed away, the harder it was for me to come back, as I felt that I owed a big story for the long stretch of absolutely nothing.

It has happened quite often, actually, with me fading out of the post-a-day schedule that should be the bare minimum for a blog like this. This blog doesn't have a whole lot of readership, relatively, and while the few posters are absolutely terrific (particularly KGRTC), it should have a lot more. And that lies solely on me.

So, this whole little absence has allowed me some time to process what this blog really should be and could be. Starting tomorrow, I am going to be wildly active on this blog, fervishly pounding out some of the stuff that should have been covered weeks ago all the way up to kickoff on August 30th. 

I'm sorry. I really, really am. I know, I know, the whole little apology is quite lost over the interwebs, but hopefully the just-ended two-week absence is the last stretch of nothing that this blog will ever see.

A schedule for the rest of the week will be shortly upcoming, forecasting what should be quite the time on the blog.