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The Running Back Situation

Entering this season, there is no real question regarding the running backs. Jake Sharp figures to receive a large percentage of carries, at least to start out, and Jocques Crawford was brought in to replace the departed Brandon McAnderson. That is all set and taken care of, and leaves hardly any room for any other backs to receive carries, barring injury. Still, it is still unsettling that three RBs on the depth chart (Donte Bean, Sean Ransburg and now Carmon Boyd-Anderson) will not be on the active roster for the 2008 season.

First, Donte Bean has reportedly transferred, because of lack of a playing time. It really isn't that big of a deal, as he has been buried at the end of the depth chart throughout his entire Kansas career. Honestly, his chances of ever seeing the field as a RB were virtually slim-to-none, and hopefully he enjoys his star status he will receive at Washburn.

Second, Carmon Boyd-Anderson, or CBA, is now transferring as well, as he officially announced today. Where he transfers has yet to be determined, but he certainly isn't coming back to Kansas.

And finally, incoming ATH recruit Sean Ransburg, who most projected as a RB, was not academically cleared for this fall's season, although he figures to be cleared in January for next season.

All of this has created a vast, gaping hole in the reserve RBs, as only Angus Quigley remains as a reserve RB to backup Jake Sharp and Jocques Crawford. Which is particularly disconcerting, because Ed Warriner's offense thrives with the two-RB system. An injury to either Sharp or Crawford, and suddenly we are presented with a precarious situation, where a single more injury could effectively cost us our entire season. I mean, I suppose you could also include FB Steven Foster amongst the running backs, as he could fill a Brandon McAnderson type role, but he is still listed as a 'fullback', not a 'runningback'. This sudden lack of depth is certainly something to keep an eye on, and something we will talk much more when we start our position season previews. Which, by the way, are slated to start tomorrow as in Wednesday.