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Mark Mangino Given a Contract Extension

This is by no means hot off the presses, as the extension was announced shortly after the Orange Bowl, but the details to said extension to Mark Mangino's contract have been released to the public. The basics:

  • $2.3 Million a season, up from $800,000
  • A potential $675,000 a year in "performance-based incentives"
  • A $1.5 Million 'retention bonus' granted to him if he is still Kansas' coach on December 31st 2012

It is good news, as the Big Man deserves to be paid after last season, the greatest in school history. But more importantly, especially after all of that Mangino-to-WestVa talk, it provides Kansas with immense coaching security. Mangino is here to stay.

And with Bill Self's contract extension upcoming, the Kansas Jayhawks figure to possess one of the best coaching duos in all of college athletics for the foreseeable future.