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Morning Update

Just a quickie one this morning, as I am trying to quickly finish up FIU Week. Oh, and since this upcoming week (once we finish up the running-over QB Week) is RB Week, there is a focus on RB Jocques Crawford, who figures to be the most important player to our season next season (Uh-huh).

  • An awesome article on Kansas' newfound interest in recruiting the east coast since Roy departed and Bill came to coach KU. Frankly, I agree with the current decision to focus on the east coast as opposed to the west coast and the midwest.
  • Kansas Basketball has added another new team to the schedule, the Kent State Golden Flashes. While many Kansas fans will immediately be called back to this past season's 8/9 Kent State/UNLV matchup, where Kent State managed to muster up only 10 points in the first half. That's all. However, they are one of only a handful of teams to have won 20 games in 10 consecutive seasons, quite a feat. So, with how young our team is, and with the Golden Flashes returning three starters (including all-everything point guard Al Fisher), we have a legit chance at losing this game. I am actually worried. But, it should be a good, quality non-con test to prepare us for a potential run at the conference crown.
  • Not a really surprising note, but Mario Chalmers is all-but-in the NBA Draft, first round pick-or-not. As sick as it would be to send Mario off with a Senior Day and a ten-minute+ standing ovation, we will have to settle with the simple ceremony, respectful standing o's as he is likely choosing money over the chance to come back to college and have quite an awesome year.
  • The big news as far as the football program goes is the addition of luxury seating to Memorial Stadium as early as this upcoming year.
  • KF-IBT, one of the best KU blogs out there, has a really nice scouting report on Darrell Arthur for the upcoming NBA draft. It is a really nice read, and make sure and make KF-IBT a daily visit if you haven't already; some really quality stuff there going up all of the time.
  • If you want to see some early action on Jocques Crawford, make sure and check out all of these videos (9 in total). I can't wait to get this guy in our offense, he is going to absolutely break out like a beast. Beast.

That is all for today. However, just to get some conversation started, who do you think will have more yards rushing this season? Jake Sharp or Jocques Crawford? Make sure and post in the comment section your reply, and let's see if we can get some discussion going regarding the debate.