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KU seniors rewriting baseball record book

As the 2008 season winds to a close we are increasingly aware that in the next few weeks KU baseball fans will need to say goodbye to a special group of players. Seniors Erik Morrison, John Allman and Ryne Price may leave the team at the end of this season but their names will be written all over the school's record books. Ryne Price (35) and Erik Morrison (30) already hold the top two spots on the Kansas career homerun list. Along with John Allman they are also moving up the career RBI list.

John Allman, Erik Morrison and Ryne Price. The senior core.

KU all time career RBI leaders

Rank Player Career RBIs
1 Jeff Niemeier (1990-93) 187
2 Darryl Monroe (1991-94) 172
3 Josh Igou (1992-94) 170
4 Ryan Baty (2000-04) 168
4 Erik Morrison (2005 - present) 168
6 Josh Dimmick (1995-98) 163
7 Brent Wilhelm (1992-95) 158
8 John Allman (2005 - present) 156
9 Ryne Price (2005 - present) 152
10 Matt Tribble (2001-04) 149

Buck Afenir (93) and Preston Land (90) may find themselves on this list before the end of next season

Ryne Price, Morrison and Allman are all great NCAA baseball players. No one can look forward to replacing them. One of the reasons I am so happy about the team's recent surge is because I know with these players on the roster KU has the talent and experience in place right now to be a dangerous team. I'd love to see this group leave as did the class of 2006, on a high note.

Paul Smyth is not a senior, but he is draft eligible and I expect he will receive an attractive offer from a major league club this June. Smyth is already second on the KU all-time appearances list for pitchers with 98. He trails only Don Czyz who finished his amazing career with 128. Smyth is also second on the career saves list with 18 - Czyz complied 31 saves while at KU. We all hope Paul stays with the team, but of course will wish him well should he choose to make the leap to the next level.

[Update] The day after this story was posted John Allman was named Big-12 player of the week. Big congratulations go out to John. He is the first Jayhawk to win the honor since Gus Milner in 2006.