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96 days. That is all that stands between us, right now, and the next time the Kansas Jayhawks football team will sprint onto the Memorial Stadium field, 40,000+ screaming. In those 96 days, we will dissect this football team; what it lost after last season's surprising 12-1 finish complete with an Orange Bowl victory and what it has gained through Mark Mangino's greatest recruiting class to date. We will break down the schedule facing us, one that guarantees to be more difficult than last season's. It should be a fun summer, dreaming about football.

Starting with the week of June 3rd, there are exactly 13 weeks before the start of the college football season. Each week will be devoted to a position on the college football team and an opponent on the schedule, as we will thoroughly discuss all the elements of the 2008 college football season. News will be updated as frequently as possible, and we will use the final week prior to the college football season to cover any last-second news. Throughout the summer, we will also discuss everyone and everything else in the wide realm of college football.

I love college football.

I can't wait.